How To Fix DIREC TV Error Code 771 / 775

DIRECT TV Error code 771 and 775

This tutorial will help you learn how to fix and troubleshooting the different DIRECT TV error codes by yourself, be at home or office. Regardless of the Direct TV error displaying on your screen for example, error code message 771 which stands for communication trouble between your Dish and satellite receiver or even error code message 775 which comes due t0 interrupted between the dish and receiver, this guide will help.

In this article, you will find the solution which will help you fix and get rid of any of the above Direct TV error codes instantly and right there. All you need to do is to follow the information as provided below since that is the only way which will help you solve and remove those error messages from your TV display.

How to solve DIRECT TV error code 771

This error code 771 usually displays on your TV once  your receiver is having trouble communicating with your satellite dish. This 771 error occurs mostly due to bad weather conditions for example during heavy rains, hail, or even snow. You can wait till he weather is OK and see what happens after. Or, do the below.

The best way to fix this 771 error is to ensure that connection cables from your dish to the receiver are well assuming this happens during times of good weather. You can additionally power off the receiver and power it on again after like 30 to 60 seconds. This will likely resume broadcasting assuming other factors remain constant.

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How to solve DIRECT TV error code 775

Unlike the Direct TV error code 771 which is linked to bad weather situations at most times, error code 775 is different since for it is linked to signal between your receiver and satellite dish once there is an interruption.

The best way to fix 775 error is to carefully cross check all cable connections from your satellite dish to receiver and make sure that everything is intact. Once there is any loose somewhere, chances are that the error will show up. Also, you can power off everything and power it on after a minute for example.

Just in case you have done everything but error still persist, the other alternative would be to contact your service provider and let them know of the problem. Chances are that that will have it fixed and you will be able to watch TV and stream back again.

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