How To Generate System Restore Point In Win XP OS

How to create Windows XP Restore point? The WiXP System Restoration Point is a feature which comes in the above operating systems by default with a sole purpose of allowing the user to undo the most recent changes done on a computer. In so many cases, many users find their machines failing to respond as commanded, behaving in an unusual ways and many others as a result of a recent program installation or any thing similar and where by reverting settings to how they were before a particular application or program was installed remains being the only solution, and which is the work of the restoration point feature.

The Windows System restore works in such a way that it only affects the most recent computer settings and performance changes like programs and applications while leaving others like created or saved documents, browser settings and others related intact thus one requiring no worry when it comes to loosing such. When I download some Desktop publishing software some days back, I never knew that a time will come when I will regret as to why I had installed it on my computer since it was working well for me as per its features – helping me post automatically on my Blog without using the browser. And after a few days, I came to know of how my internet data was being consumed by the same program even without running it and after a lot of trials and failures, restoring my computer to an earlier time was the only solution which helped me.

Some programs and applications have a tendency of leaving back some hidden files integrated in other programs and windows files which means that even after performing a total program or application uninstallation, the computer will still behave just like as if the programs which modified it are still installed and that is why using the Windows system restore is very helpful as it helps one completely get rid of such and for you have been searching on how to go about the above, below is how you get started.

Creating The Windows XP Systems Restore Point

1. You will need to power on or start your computer.

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2. Click on Start and go to All programs.

3. Point mouse to Accessories and then System Tools.

4. Click on System Restore where you will see this Dialog.

5. Check circle on “Create a Restore Point” and click on Next.

6. Enter restore point description and click Create.

Upon success, you will see a message and you will be done.

Restoring Your Computer To An Earlier Time (Restore-Point)

Once you detect any malfunction or change in your computer behavior and you suspect it to be as a result of a recent installation, you can begin by uninstalling the program and see if it works. In case of any failure, then do the following to restore your computer to an earlier time.

1. Follow steps in restore above from 1 – 4.

2. Select Restore my computer to an earlier time and hot next.

3. Choose the date which you want to restore your computer to from the Calender and hit Next.

4. Wait for the computer to do the work until it reboots.

At this point, you will see either a success or failure message for your restore and you will be done.

Note: By default, Windows XP does create Check points on every start and program installations which can as well be used when performing a restore assuming you had personally never created the point by yourself. And additionally, all changes made as a result are irreversible.

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