How To Generate Uganda Passport Bank Payment Slip Online

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Uganda Passport Application Bank Paymenyt Slip URA

This tutorial is about how to generate Uganda Passport application bank payment slips online using the URA website. If you have been wondering on how to get started, how to do it and what you need, the answers you are looking out for are here in this post. All you need is to take time, read it and you will be ready to get started.

Unlike before before the introduction of online payments by URA where people were required to go through the lining up in order to get assessments for the passport payments, things are very different in Uganda today. One doesn’t require to first go to Ministry of Internal Affairs on Jinja Road in order to be assessed.

One can simply do all the required payments even before going to the last step of verification so that by the time ones file is ready, the one thing remaining is to take a ready file together with an already made payment. This means that unlike before, one can take a shortest time for the password to be issued.

In order to generate your Uganda passport application bank payment slip, simply follow the few steps as shown in below. You can alternatively watch the video below for a better understanding on how to navigate on the URA web portal.

1. Visit URA web portal and click on “eServices”.

URA web portal eServices

2. Select Payment registration.

URA Payment registration page

3. Choose Other NTR and wait for options to load under Tax head.

URA other NTR option

4. Select “Immigration and Passport” under ministry etc, and select “Ordinary passport” or other type.

Select Passport and Immigration

5. Fill in your names and all other details including district, city and etc under “Tax payer details”.

Fill in your names, and all others

6. Input Given text (capatcha) and hit on Accept and agree. Wait for form to load

Enter given text and click Accept and agree

7. Confirm if info is true or correct and hit on Print

Confirm given info and print

8. Select your printer and print out the payment slip.

Select Printer and Print

You should take your printed form to the selected bank of your choice and make a payment. You will then attach it into your “Passport” application file and proceed to Internal affairs for verification. Within a few weeks, you should be able to get your issued travel document.

How To Generate Uganda Passport Bank Payment Slip Online

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