How To Get A Free Virtual/Plastic Prepaid Credit Card – VCC Through OKPay [OKCard]

OKPay is one of the free credit card providers where one can instantly get access to both the Virtual and the Plastic cards for those who wish so. Just like we know the different functions and roles of those Virtual-Cards for example helping you keep your private information hidden from possible hackers and so, a VCC does a great Job for those who have it. On the internet are so many similar providers offering the same but the problem remains the fact that people don’t know the different steps involved, and a reason as to why many fail.

A few days back, I did create my own VCC through OKPay which is known as the OKCard and since the process was never a complicated, one which only takes few minutes to complete, I decided to share it with you in case you have been looking for the same. Below are the steps and procedures to follow to get your instant free virtual credit card through OKAYPay.

OkPay Free VCC

1. Visit and hit Sign up no.
2. Input your personal details including your names, password, email address, country and any other and hit submit.
3. At this time, you will get a notification in your email address to confirm your email. Click on the link and you will instantly log into your account.

Enter your email, select new user, enter name, wait, add and finish all using this Free.

4. Hit on where you see the OKCARD icon as you will be seeing and wait for page to load.
5. If you want to get a Plastic prepaid card as well, click on apply for Prepaid-Virtual-card or plastic card and follow prompts.
6. You will be required to verify your account in order to have your Virtual-Credit-Card approved and issued. Just fill in the requirements and any other as prompted.

Once your verification details have been approved, you will have your Virtual Credit Card issued. And it will be up to you to fund your account so as to start using your card.


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  1. i need virtual card for free

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    1. Just follow the guide as you see above and you will instantly get your free virtual credit card or VCC. Different providers have different timeframes but most of them are instant.

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