How To Get A MasterCard In Uganda

how to get a mastercard in Uganda

You can get a MasterCard in Uganda by accessing any issuer of your choice from the list below. With the known benefits associated with such a card, many Ugandans are already on-board enjoying the advantages. If you didn’t know, it is very possible to get a MasterCard locally thereby accessing the benefits and I will show you how.

Unlike in the past where Ugandans had to signup for Payoneer in order to get the free MasterCard, currently one is able to get the card locally in the country. This is made possible by the increasing number of financial institutions including banks with partnership with MasterCard international and thus offering such cards.

Still wondering how and where to get one in Uganda? I will show you the list of supported banks in addition to what you need to qualify…

Benefits of a Mastercard

  • Cashless payments
  • Online transactions
  • POS transactions
  • Enhanced security
  • Fast and secure
  • Lots of others

List of Mastercard providers in Uganda

In order to get a Mastercard in Uganda, you’ll need to visit any of the below financial providers. And while there are very many banks for example, many offer Visa cards while a few are the only ones offering the MC. Lets take a look at them!

1. GTBank MasterCard

GTBank mastercard

GTBank Uganda aka Guarantee trust bank offers Mastercards to clients. The bank has up to 3 types of cards one can choose from and they include;

  • MasterCard UGX Debit Card (Uganda shilling denominated card)
  • MasterCard Platinum Debit Card (Uganda shilling denominated card)
  • MasterCard Dollar Debit Card (dollar denominated card)
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Unlike the Dollar denominated card which requires one to have a Dollar account with GTBank, the rest of the two including the UGX Debit and platinum card are available to both individuals and corpoates. The cards are fully automated to settle purchases in all other major currencies.

2. Ecobank MasterCard

Ecobank Mastercard

Known for offering cards supported for PayPal verification, Ecobank issues Mastercards  which to their clients thus helping them reach the whole world. Their cards are accepted globally  and are free to use. Card holders can use their cards to pay online, on mobile and in shops and restaurants with the logo. Get started with Ecobank here.

3. MTN Momocard

Momocard mtn

MTN Uganda issues Momocards backed by Mastercard to heir clients. All you need is to access the MTN Mobile money menu by dialling *165# and creating your card. The created cards use funds on the mobile money account and can be cancelled at any time. Learn more about MTN’s momocard here.

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