How to Get a Physical Mailing Address for Home or Office

physical mailing address for business

Whether you want to get a physical mailing address for land, new property, home-based business, or office, this guide will take you the required steps to obtain one that effectively allows you to handle your mail. When it comes to having your mail delivered safer and faster, a physical mailing address is known to allow this to happen.

Businesses use such addresses to verify their presence, in addition to building up trust from potential clients as opposed to those who do work without such an address. Unlike a virtual mailing address whether other parties handle your mail and ship it to your desired location, this isn’t the case here.

Why do you need a Physical Mailing Address?

It happened to me. Before I secured my online business a Physical Mailing address, I was tasked to verify my office location by Google. Every attempt to do so failed since none of my neighbors owned one, yet I really wanted to verify. It is at this moment I got to know how important such an address was and I managed to obtain one afterward.

A Physical Mailing Address has lots of benefits associated!

Helps you get mail from popular providers including UPS, DHL, USPS, FedEx, etc. Additionally, you get a street address which allows you have everything delivered to the same address no matter where it came from.

Unlike the P.O. Box where mail is kept at the post office until you pick it up, with a physical mailing address, you have everything delivered to you. No calls! No waiting!

Who is required to have such an address?

  • Online-based businesses
  • Home-based businesses
  • Online stores
  • Travelers
  • Individuals
  • Business’ and Offices

How to get a Physical Mailing Address as an Individual?

  • Relocating to marked streets
  • Renting a Mailbox at UPS
  • Getting a Virtual Mailing Address

Relocating to marked streets

Let me tell you this!

There are small streets that aren’t marked with numbers. This makes them hard for a Physical Mailing Address to work. Unless you are ready to spend hours directing mail deliveries, your mail will likely not be delivered to your location.

If you are able to, move to those streets which are known and well-marked. Marked streets are very easy to have mail delivered, which is why many businesses and individuals seek physical mailing addresses as opposed to Post office boxes which tend to be expensive.

Rent a MailBox at UPS

You can rent a personal or business mailbox at the UPS Store at a fee ranging from $20 to $25 per month and get a real street address. You don’t need PO Box when you can visit us today to open a mailbox at the UPS Store. Once you are done, you are ready to start accepting mail and other packages from all shipping carriers including USPS, FedEx, etc.

Your mail is kept safer and unopened until you are ready to pick it up from your UPS address.

Get a Virtual Mailing Address

There are lots of free Virtual Mailing address services which are ready to give you an address. Opening up an account of them will give you an address in the country of choice for example USA.

You can use your Virtual Mailing Address to shop online from your favorite stores for example Amazon, eBay, etc., and have your items stored safely at your mailing address.

Unless you request the providers to repackage and send it to any location you give, your package will stay stored and unopened.


The process of getting a physical mailing address is very easy and simple. Without spending much, you are ready to own an address that will help your business look professional, and also benefit from the so may benefit associated.

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