How To Get A Toll Free Number For Your Business In Kenya

Offering a Toll free number for  clients and third parties to call your organization, company, business of any other is a sign of professionalism and an added value to whatever you deal in. We both know it that clients like being treated in the way they prefer where by allowing them to make free calls to respective businesses or companies for any reason for example making an inquiry of any particular service is a route which can boost whatever a biz may happen to be selling, promoting or any other and thus increasing on its sales as a result in the long run.

After publishing one of my last posts on how to get a Toll Free Number in Uganda, I received so many emails all inquiring about how the same can be done in Kenya and that is why I decided to write this short post just to share with all with regard to the above. With a Toll Free Number, its the called party which is responsible for the charges of the call other than the caller and for those who have employed such a service as an addition to their business, they know the benefits which they get as a result for example an increase in the clients’ trust in their businesses, their clients receiving a better and more convenient service, looking more professional in the eyes of the customers and very many others.

And just like how it is ion other countries apart from the online Toll free number requirements, the whole process of getting a Toll free number in Kenya is no difference with how it works else where. Such numbers are issued to corporate businesses like companies, organizations, emergency services and others related with a main aim or easing the communication gap between them and their clients or the end users and below is the entire process on how to get started.

1. Decide on which service provider you want to get your number from for example Orange Kenya, Safaricom Kenya, Airtel or any other.

2. Visit either of their websites for example for Orange and for Safaricom and or simply call any of their customer service helpline.

3. Avail all the requirements for securing a Toll Free number and submit them to your nearest customer service center for consideration.

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4. Make Payments of the required fees and once done, you will have your Toll-Free number with you.

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