How To Get A Ugandan Passport 2021

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How to apply for a passport in Uganda

A Passport is the official documents which allows you to travel beyond country borders. Whether you are travelling oversees from Uganda for study, tour, relocation or business, you need such a document. Travel documents contain personal information about the owner, which helps when it comes to identification purposes.

In order to get a Passport in Uganda, one has to apply for and obtain it from the Immigration control office. The Immigration control office is a responsible body which undertakes everything to do with passports on behald of the government. From handling and recieving of passport application forms, to testing applicants and issuance of such documents, all falls under MOIA.

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Types of Passports in Uganda

There are up to 3 different types of Passports in Uganda which applicants can choose from depending on their status. These include the Ordinary, Diplomatic and Official, according to the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration.

The Ordinary are issued to ordinary individuals and citizens including students, workers, business people etc. Government officials and other officials qualify for Diplomatic passports, while Permanent secretaries in the different ministries, church leaders, etc officials qualify for the Official type of passport.

Latest news on Ugandan Passport

Of Recent, the Government announced the new e-Passport application process, migrating from the traditional process many were used to. Previously, applicants were required to pick passport application forms, fill them, pay required fees and submit them. In the new development, everything is done online right from application filling to scheduling an appointment.

How to apply for a Passport?

  • Visit
  • Click “Start New application”.
  • Agree to terms by checking box and clicking Accept.
  • Fill in the entire form and clicking save and continue after each step.
  • Click “Review information” and confim everything is correct.
  • Submit form and also print the submitted form.
  • Make the required payment to the bank.
  • Visit and schedule an appointment.
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Once your hard copy application form is recieved on the appointment date, the process will be done and you will be told when to collect your ready passport.

How to pay Passport application fees

Previously, one would visit ura, to generate a payment registration number. But these days, the bank payment slip is printed when printing the application form. The bank where one is supposed to make the payment from is pre-selected while filling the online form thus taking it to the bank of choice and making a payment.

Depending on the type of passport one is applying for, either you pay shillings 250,000/= for ordinary, 400,000/= for Official or 500,000/= for Diplomatic. For Express passports, an additional 100,000/= shillings is a must to be added on top of the above fees.

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Renewing and replacing lost Uganda passport

In order to renew an expired passport, you will need to follow the same procedures just like it is while applying for a new one. The only change comes in selecting a renew other than a new one. Keep in mind that you must have your expired document with you since without, the process becomes complicated.

And for replacement of a lost travel document, you need to have a police report and also follow the same procedures as indicated above. This time round, you must attach all required documents as required.

How To Get A Ugandan Passport 2021

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