How To Get A Ugandan Postpaid Mobile Number

Postpaid Mobile Number uganda
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A Postpaid mobile number whether in Uganda or any other country is known to have very many features which gives the user more than a single enjoyment opportunity when it comes to all calling related services. The same number is given to Postpaid subscribers has so many advantages over the prepaid mobile services for example, calling without worrying of being cut off due to credits running low regardless of where you are for example in a roaming area, having to recharge your mobile with credit in the middle of the talk and many others.

Postpaid mobile numbers are provided by the different mobile service providers or networks for example, Uganda Telecom (UTL), Airtel, Orange, MTN, etc. To those who know what is all about a Postpaid mobile number, one will never think about using a prepaid option due to the features which come with a the service plan for example, enjoying the best and most competitive rates, an itemized billing option, the option to choose your own preferred GSM number, scratch free and others.

One common difference between a Postpaid and a prepaid one is the issue of using the service where by on the prepaid side, it involves scratching cards and which is not the case with the post paid plans.

If you are in Uganda and looking forward to acquiring a post-paid mobile number, then just keep reading since in the next few lines, you will discover how to go about the entire process and what you need to have. And to note, services providers like Uganda Telecom only issue Postpaid numbers to business other than personal users.

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Postpaid number registration requirements

Once you have all of the above and any other addition that may be required, move in to any of the nearest branches of your choice of provider eg Uganda telecom and apply. Your contract will start and you will be ready to enjoy upon verification of particulars and payment of agreed fees.

Key points to note

  • Postpaid plans are usually12 months contract basis.
  • You pay a connection fee/set up fee.
  • You pay a refundable fee.
  • You pay an initial deposit.
  • Roaming fees apply
  • Monthly charges apply.

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