How To Get Free 30 Minute Free Long Distance Calls To 50 Countries With FreePhone2Phone

If you love making calls and for free, then you got to read this out since within the next coming lines you will be able to discover how you can get up to 30 free calling minutes to more than 50 countries courtesy of freephone2phone, a long distance calls service provider which does not require you to register and nor install any software but provided you are from the required call originating country or location.

As usual, I too came to know about this while searching for a way to make free international calls and basing on results of the test, I decided to go and share with you my readers on how you can make use of this free calling service provided you have a need to just like many people are constantly looking out for such free deals online and in case you have been or still among those, then I guess this article will be helpful to you.

With freephone2phone service, you can make calls originating from the United Stated to other countries like Italy, Switzerland, India, United Kingdom, within the United States, Germany, Norway, Venezuela, Andorra, Canada, Mexico and many others both in Europe, Africa and the rest as per their service terms. And in order to get your free minutes, below is how it works and what you need to do. Check out a List Of Free Calling/Texting Apps For Your Mobile

Getting Started And Making Your Free Calls

1. You will need to dial a local access number basing on which city you are located in and where you are making the call to (calling destination) for example dial 1 (619) 489-5741 if you are located in Chula Vista.

2. Once you are connected, you will be required to listen to a few seconds ads since its a free service after which you will dial you final destination number using the standard dialing sequences for example if you are calling a US phone number, you will dial 1, area code and the number and for other international destinations for example calling to Kenya, dial 011, country code and the number.

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Once you are connected, you can talk for the duration of your choice and you will keep hearing the 30-Second notification beeps before your call is terminated. And additionally, once you make a call to a same number for the first 10 minutes, your next calls to that same number will be limited to 5 minutes per call although I personally see no regrets for that since its a free service. What you need to note is that you will be charged a local call fee for dialing the access number basing on your provider tariffs.

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