How to Get Free MTN Uganda Virtual Mastercard [Momo Card]

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MTN Momo

A few hours ago, MTN-Uganda launched a new service which allows customers get access to a Virtual MasterCard. The new service named “MTN Momo card” enables customers to generate virtual debit card numbers which can be used internationally to make payments or purchase goods from the different stores where Master-cards are accepted.

In partnership with Mastercard and United Bank of Africa (UBA), this new service by MTN means a lot to Ugandans most especially those who shop across borders from global sites like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and etc. Customers who create use the service will be able to pay directly from their Mobile money accounts, similar to how plastic cards work as they are linked to one’s bank account.

In this tutorial, I am sharing with you how to instantly generate or create or get your free “Momocard” off your Mobile money account. And please note that the each card is charged Ugx 1,000/= shillings. The same card can be deleted / cancelled instantly by accessing the same menu.

How to create your MTN Momo card (Virtual Mastercard)

MTN Momocard menu
  • Dial *165*70# YES/OK from any phone with line.
  • Select Create “MTN Momocard”.
  • Follow prompts
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Instantly, your card will be created and every time you make a purchase, you will be paying directly off your mobile money account.

Things you should note:

  • Never share your virtual card numbers with anyone else. Always keep them in a same place just like you do with your plastic cards. Anyone getting access to your card may end up using it to make payments and your mobile money account will be debited.
  • Ensure that you have enough funds on your account before making a payment since without money loaded, your transaction will not be successful.
  • Each card created costs up to Ugx 1,000/= (One thousand shillings only).
  • All transactions on your card are subject to a 3% charge on the amount paid (payment made).
  • Always refer to MTN’s website for more information about the same service.
How to Get Free MTN Uganda Virtual Mastercard [Momo Card]

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