How to Get Free Water Access From NWSC Uganda: All Your Questions Answered

Here’s what you should do to get free water access from NWSC in Uganda.

Ever wondered how you could get unlimited access to free clean water in Uganda courtesy of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation? This post covers those tricks everyone else is doing just to have free water access anytime at home or even at the office.

If you are keen to know, and also make use of tricks, this post has got you covered. All you need is to keep reading.

Disclaimer: This isn’t an NWSC water hack, but an informational guide that will help you discover the legitimate way to have free water access for personal or even business use.

About NWSC?

National Water and Sewerage Corporation is a government agency with the mandate to operate and provide water and sewerage services in areas entrusted to it. As of 2021, NWSC was serving 258 towns and serving more than 15,000,000 people.

How do you get water from NWSC?

You can get water from NWSC by applying for a new water connection.

Applying for a new water connection can be done online or at any of the NWSC branches near you. New water connection applicants must submit all required details and documents in addition to paying the associated connection fees.

Requirements for NWSC Water connection

  • A sketch map of the property to be connected
  • Copies of Land title or Plot agreement
  • National ID copy or passport for foreigners
  • Introduction letter from LC
  • Passport sized photos

The requirements above must be scanned and saved in PDF if you are to use the online application process. For offline applications, simply photocopy and attach it to your application.

How to apply for a new NWSC water connection

To apply manually, visit any nearest NWSC branch office and ask for new connection forms. You should fill out the form, attach all requirements and submit it.

To apply for NWSC water connection online;

  • Visit the “nwsc online application portal”
  • Click “Start application”
  • Fill personal details
  • Fill address details i.e. Kampala
  • Choose a branch that’s near your property
  • Fill in connection details including the proposed connection, the purpose of the connection, number of meters needed on the property
  • Upload supporting documents including national id, photocopy of the land title or sales agreement, lc1 letter, sketch map of the way to the property, and passport photo.
  • Review details and complete the application.

After successful completion of the application, download the application form and take note of your application code for your tracking purposes, for example,  NWSC_21/07/2022/66723.

You are ready to make the necessary payments for the application to the bank as shown on the payment slip. You are advised not to make any extra payments before or during, and after the connection apart from that issued on the payment slips. A survey will take place to help in determining the connection materials.

How does NWSC Bill Customers (Billing System)

National Water and Sewerage Corporation billing system is read and issue bill. A NWSC staff goes to the field with a map showing customers connected to the grid. On reaching the home with an active water connection, a meter reading takes place and a tax invoice is issued to the customer.

The NWSC tax invoice contains date, customer details (customer number and property number), basis of charges for domestic usage, meter details including serial number, current, and previous water consumption, balances B/Fwd, payments, adjustments, etc.

How to Pay NWSC water bills

  • Banks
  • Cheques
  • Debit Cards
  • Mobile money
  • EzeeMoney
  • Quick Teller
  • PayWay
  • Etc

NWSC supports a wide range of ePayments when it comes to paying bills. Customers can choose the preferred bill payment option from a wide range of options available. You can pay right from your phone using Airtel Money, MTN Money, or apps such as FlexiPay, etc.

How to Check the Water Bill Issued By NWSC?

  • Email
  • Tax invoice
  • NWSC App

NWSC sends water bills to the registered email address of the property owner. I have always received my bills timely in my email because I added that information when I was applying for a new connection. You can also check the issued tax invoice since it contains the current bill including the previous reading. Alternatively, you can download the NWSC Mobile app and use it to check your bills from time to time.

How Much is an NWSC Unit of Water?

ConsumerCategory (UGX)  M3Price Per Unit (UGX )Cost Per Jerry can (UGX)
PublicStandard pipe1,060 per m325
DomesticHome3,727 per m388
InstitutionGovernment3,771 per m389
Commercial< 1500m3 per month4,473 per m3105
Commercial< 1500m3 per month3,575 per m384
Industrial< 1000m3 per month4,473 per m3105
Industrial< 1000m3 per month2,500 per m359

The table above shows the amount the National water and sewerage corporation charges per unit of water. The amount in UGX varies depending on the consumer and category of connection. You can check updated costs on the tariff guide page.

How do I contact NWSC?

  • Whatsapp number
  • Toll-free numbers  0800200977 or 0800300977
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Visiting any NWSC branch; Nateete, Industrial Area, Kisenyi, Nansana, Kyengera, etc
  • HQ office located at plot 3 Nakasero P.O. Bpx 7053 Kampala

How to Get Free Water Access from NWSC?

I know this is what you have been waiting for. You can get free NWSC water access once you get connected. Once you have the water at your home, you are ready to enjoy it without worrying about daily water payments since NWSC bills monthly as opposed to paying before you use like it is for Umeme Yaka. You enjoy up to 30 days of free water access before receiving the bill that you can pay at your convenience.

NWSC Branches in Uganda

  • City center, plot 18/20 6th street industrial area
  • Mukono, along Jinja highway
  • Nateete, Gamba plaza Nalukolongo
  • Bunga, Gaba road
  • Kyaliwajjala, Kira road
  • Nakawa
  • Nakulabye, 2nd floor Mamu Supermarket
  • Ndejje opposite Rainbow junior school
  • Masanafu opposite cleanex petrol station
  • Seeta, Kalahari building
  • Salaa,a, Salaama road
  • Wakiso, Kirumira road
  • Nansana, Hoima road
  • Kansanga, Gaba road
  • Kansanga (Nsambya), Gaba road
  • Kireka, Wabyona plaza
  • Kasangati, Gayaza road
  • Ntinda, Kigobe
  • Matugga, Bombo gulu high way
  • Kyengera
  • Najjanankumbi, Entebbe road
  • Bulenga
  • Bwaise
  • Luzira
  • Kakiri


Getting free water access from NWSC is getting a life. Since water is life, you are ready to enjoy all the benefits associated. The good thing is that the entire NWSC water application procedure is very simple and easy for everyone to do.

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