How To Get Free Website Traffic By Social Automation

Recently, I was asked by a friend who has a 6 months website but still with no more than 20 hits of traffic [visitors] per day as to why such was happening besides the fact that he was very confident of his contents. I know that it is not him only who is suffering from this kind of problem since going through the different forums and question sites revealed that what my friend asked was a same question being asked by so many Bloggers out there.

While having unique contents on a site is one of the main keys to its success as recommended by many, one thing you should note is that without doing much with regard to search engine optimization can make your site have less traffic however much you try out since SEO involves more than organic search.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your web and blog traffic is using social sites. You find that sites most of those people who may turn into your first visitors have social accounts where they can’t spend a day or even a few hours without logging to. This means that by having your website or blog auto syndicating to sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and any other you know stands you high chances of getting more traffic just like many Bloggers share.

There are two ways to do this with one being the manual way [copying and pasting your site links to Facebook] which is time consuming, and the automatic way where by everything is done on auto-pilot and your job being only to create and publish new contents.

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A few ways you can try out to social automated your blog may include but not limited to..

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Networked Blogs – This is an application on Facebook which imports all of your contents as they are posted and shares them on your Facebook profile and selected pages and groups. Its free to join and add your site.

Twitter Feed – Twitter feed has the capacity to auto post on your Twitter and Facebook at once. All you need is setting up your account and adding your feed.

RSS Graffiti – This is an application and is too found on Facebook. It allows you to add a blog and its feed and then add where you want it to post.

Google FeedBurner – Feedburner has a socialize option which can help automate your feeds to your Twitter.

WordPress Plugins – If you use WordPress, then there are so many plugins you can use to do the work.

Bonus – Use the cross posting ways.

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