How To Get Message Read Receipts For Your Sent Emails – 3 Ways To Do It

Email Read Receipts are simply notifications which attempts to confirm to the sender that his or her sent messages has been received and read by the recipient. It so happens that many email users both the free ones and the paid ones look out for such an option to get alerts once their email messages have been read but fail to find ways to achieve their goals due to one reason or the other for example the service is not offered on many of the free email providers and which to me is possible in one way or the other.

In this article, I am sharing with you some of the 3 ways which you can use in order to start receiving email read receipts for all messages you sent and imagine, the procedures can be done very simply and easily provided you follow the simple steps just like you are soon discovering in the next few lines. Whether you use a free web based email service provider, a business application for emails and any other of your choice but provided you can access to certain required features, just count it done since you will be able to do it within a few minutes.

Option One – Using SpyPig

With SpyPig, all you need is to add a tracking image provided by SpyPig, embed it in all of your outgoing emails for example as a signature and send your message. What happens is that once the recipient opens the email message containing the tracking image and its loaded, the sender is automatically notified of his email sent being read and too on the number of times the same email has been opened by the receiver. In order for for SpyPig to work, both of the sender and the recipient must use an HTML formatted email option other than plain texts.

Option Two – Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook offers an option for email account holders from the different services for example Yahoo-mail, Gmail, Hotmail and others to configure them so as for all email messages to be downloaded and read in outlook and too with an option to send messages. To configure Outlook for read receipts, you go to Tools, Options, Preferences, Email, Options, Tracking Options and follow all other procedures.

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Option Three – Google Application

You know Google as having both the free email option and a paid email option. To receive email read receipts on your Google Mail, you need to have your account upgraded to the a Business account in order to utilize this feature. And to activate the option, you go to compose email, more options and request receipt.

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