How To Hard Reset A Samsung Galaxy S5 G900A, S3850 Android Smartphone

How To Hard Reset A Samsung S3850 Android Smartphone Do you own a Samsung S3850 Android smartphone or any other version? Is your mobile malfunctioning and making you wonder what your next step might be? For whatever the case may be, reading this tutorial will take you through the process on how to hard reset your Samsung S3850, and have it working well and fine again without the need to use a third party or a technician. Like you may know, the Samsung S3850 is that one good smartphone which many people prefer to own.

And yes, just like any other common and popular smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S5 G900A and S3850 too tends to have some issues which may range from but not limited to being infected with a virus due to massive downloading of everything, errors like com..has stopped and many other malfunctions. Sometimes, its something to do with a forgotten password to log onto your device, and or simply one wanting to perform a hard reset just to get rid of any unwanted files or folders or information at once.

In any case, this article and the information contained in might be very helpful with regard to hard resetting your Samsung S3850 smartphone with Android Operating system. Below are the step by step procedures to perform a hard reset of your mobile device.

1. Begin by switching off your smartphone by using the Power button.
2. Now press and hold keys Volume Up + Menu + Power at once.
3. Release the Power key immediately after a vibration or when the phone goes on and continue holding the other keys.
4. Release other keys when the No Command Icon with Caution logo appears, and Press the Power key once.
5. Using the Volume Down key, scroll to Wipe data / factory reset, and use the Volume up key to confirm.
6. Use the Volume down key, Select YES — delete all user data, and confirm with the Volume + key.

Enter your email, select new user, enter name, wait, add and finish all using this Free.

Now wait for the process to complete. The Samsung Galaxy S5 G900A and S3850 is just like all other Samsung when it comes to wiping data. The process is a bit faster and doesn’t need a long waiting time as opposed to the Lenovo. Once its done, use the volume + key and confirm boot. It will take longer but still wait until you are done. Thats all. Your Android smartphone has been hard reset.

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