How To Have Your Blog/Website Quick Indexed In Bing And Yahoo

Did you know that Bing and Yahoo are one of the top, leading and popular search engines which are known to send mass traffic to those Websites and Blogs which are in their indexes? If you haven’t known this, then you must be lucky for having found this article and hoping that by the time you go through reading it, then you would have known the do’s which can help you to have your web page indexed in the above search engines quickly thus helping you to benefit from the free organic traffic.

You must be knowing it well that having your site appear in a search engine like Google is a sure deal whether you have submitted it using their Webmaster tools or not but provided you have quality contents, and which is not the case with Bing and Yahoo since the two use a different algorithm as compared to that used by Google. From my own experience with regard after trying out more than 5 sites, I did realize how possible it is for one to have his or website/blog start appearing and benefiting from the Bing/Yahoo traffic shortly after publishing a new article or even after starting to publish any kind of content and below is what you can do to achieve the above.

1. Sign Up for Bing Webmaster Tools Account (BWTA) – One thing to note is that Bing and Yahoo became one after merging on the search issues just like they did on the other part of Advertising. You will need to visit Bing/Yahoo Webmaster , log in using your already existing Microsoft account (Hotmail, Live, MSN, Outlook and any other if any) or sign up for a new address, add your Website/Blog URL in the website Box, copy the verification code according to what you prefer for example the Meta Tag verification, add i to the head sections of your Blog/Blog, save your template and click on verify in the BWTA.

2. Add your Website/Blog Sitemap – Once you have verified your Blog and taken to the next page, you can click on Add sitemap, enter your Website or Blog sitemap (check how to create Sitemap for Blogger Blogs and Sitemap WordPress Sites and others) and click on save.

3. Fetch As Bing Bot – When you navigate on the left menu, you will see an option “Fetch as Bing Bot” which you will click on, enter your Website/Blog URL and click on fetch.

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4. Submit URLs – When you are done with fetching as Bing Bot, you can now help Bing BOT by submitting some of your URLs and within a few minutes, your website and your submitted URLs or post pages will start appearing in both Bing and Yahoo search results and which means guaranteed traffic.

A point to note is that Bing does offer up to 50 URLs you can submit manually @10 URLs per day. Need help with regard, a comment will work!

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