How To Hide WordPress Site Widgets On Particular Pages Like 404 Error

If you are looking for an easy way to hide a WordPress powered site Widget from appearing on particular posts, pages or even categories, then you are the very one who must not miss this post. A Widget may contain anything from an Advert, a category, a tag, a link, an image, a banner and any other as per the owners choice although not all Widgets containing any of the above are recommended to be visible or viewed on all pages or posts with an example being the displaying of Google Adsense Ads on a 404 error page.

Whether you are looking forward to turning particular widgets on your WordPress site from being static to dynamic, what you are soon to discover below will surely help you to do whatever you need provided its something to deal with the display of the above on your website or blog. You should note that the different WordPress themes tend to have different customizations where by others have an option to hide particular widgets from particular pages by default while others have nothing like that and which means having even those widgets you wouldn’t want to be seen on specific pages being seen and which may be something bad for example its a violation of the Google Adsense Terms to place Text Ads, Image Ads, Link Ads on pages with 404 errors and other related.

When one of my WordPress powered sites was hacked and a phishing redirection file placed on the hackers targeted page, the page turned into a 404 error after I managed to delete the hackers file and thus, I was prompted to look for a good option and a Dynamic Widgets Plugin in particular which I installed on my site and everything worked as expected since I was able to hide some of the widgets from being displayed on particular parts of my site and that is why I chose to share it with you since it proved to be another good plugin.

How To Hide Your Widgets?

1. Log in to your WordPress Admin end.

2. Go to Plugins, select Add new and search for Dynamic Widgets. I personally use V 1.5.4.

3. Click on Install Widget and make sure that you activate it.

4. No go to appearance, scroll down to Dynamic Widgets and personalize them.

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5. Click on Edit link on the Widget you want to hide or show, expand or toggle it, select option and save settings.

You will be done and all you need is to repeat all steps om all of the Widgets you want to hide. To show widgets, simply use the same option and select YES to show.

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  1. Mark says:

    Awesome Article. I know a lot of my users have had this error so I created a site wordpress404 just for this issue. Maybe some will find it useful. I hope to see more good content from you guys in the future!

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