How To Host Your Website/Blog Free On Google Servers

And who wouldn’t want to host his or her website or blog with Google and for free? Do you know what that means? 100% plus uptime for your site if not a slight just like we know that sometimes things occur minus our control over them like it works online..

While reading my daily emails, I came across one from my readers who was asking me whether it was possible to have his web page hosted on Google and that assuming it was (and which is), what he needed as in funds and the whole set up procedures (getting started). After reading the entire email, I knew that may be he wasn’t alone since by the time you decide to search for something, know it that someone else already did that and which is why I decided to share this with the public.

If you know Google and how good their services are, you may not be wondering why one is interested in hosting with them but if you don’t, then you better start the search – YouTube, Adsense, Docs, Blogger, Analytics and others are some of what you should search about since they are products of Google.

Okay, if you want to host your blog or website on Google’s servers and for free, here is what you should do. Please note that you won’t be limited with CPU usage and nor will you be given a maximum number of hits whether per day, week or even a month. Its an unlimited service for as long as you follow their terms and policies.

1. Visit and create an account.

2. Create a Blog and make it live. You can choose a name which is similar to your domain and also add contents from your current site..

3. Now go to settings and select add another domain name and type the domain you want hosted on Google’ servers say and attempt saving.

4. Copy the 2 CNames provided and head to your domain control panel.

5. Go to DNS settings and click on edit (to replace the existing CNames) or Add new to add your own.

6. Select CName and follow the procedures as shown in Blogger interface when you attempted saving.

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7. Save your new DNS records and head back t Blogger. Click save and once the settings are saved, your site is ready hosted with Google..

So simple and easy to enjoy the free 100% uptime hosting with no limits.

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