How To Increase Ezoic EPMV In 6 Ways

You can increase your Ezoic EPMV by applying a number of ways which I have shared below. Using these techniques, you will be able to double your current earnings as a result of higher EPMV, which almost all ad publishers strive for.

Don’t mistake this tutorial to be Ezoic review, income report, or anything else. This post purposely is a guide to helping you increase your Ezoic EPMV which will allow you to improve your overall earnings we all know that the higher your EPMV, the higher your chances of earning more.

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Brief about Ezoic platform

Ezoic is a Certified partner for Google. It is an intelligent platform that allows publishers to do ad-testing of the different ad placements and layouts. The platform is built for publishers and many share increasing their overall earnings to between  50-250% or even more across the different devices.

What is Ezoic EPMV?

Ezoic’s EPMV simply refers to “earnings per a thousand visitors”. See detailed explanation as shared in this post.

EPMV = Total Earnings divided by (Visitors / 1,000)


In March, your earnings were $1000 (AdSense) + $5000 (AdX) + $500 (Native Ads) = $6,500
March sessions – from Google Analytics – were 1,000,000 visits
EPMV is therefore $6,500/(1,000,000/1,000) = $6.50 EPMV

Ways to Increase Ezoic EPMV

  • Create many ad placements (placeholders)
  • Install and activate site speed app
  • Install and activate caching app
  • Install and activate PWA app
  • Use the Balanced optimization goal
  • Work around with your content

Create many ad placements (placeholders)

Ad placeholders are locations and positions created where ads will appear on your site depending on a particular device. Since Ezoic is a learning machine, having as many placeholders are you can on the different devices will help the platform test various positions and ads.

This will help in identifying which ones are performing best depending on the different factors like visitor interests, devices used and etc. I personally used this option and saw my EPMV increase month by month.

Install and activate site speed app

The site speed app is a great feature that all of you who are looking forward to doubling your earnings must install. As we all know, visitors love to engage with faster websites when compared with slow ones.

This app has features that when well used can improve the overall speed of your site thus allowing visitor engagement and higher EPMV in the shortest time.

With site speed, you can create different versions of your site and optimize them to your requirements and automatically for example;

  • Rendering critical CSS
  • Removing unused CSS
  • Removing unused CSS by page
  • Lazy image loading
  • Next-gen image formats
  • Image resizing
  • Efficient static cache policy
  • Pre-connect origins, etc

Install and activate caching app

This app enables content delivery network features on your site. The CDN service will cache your web pages and thus serve users will the cached version. This will allow your visitors to load your site faster and thus improve on the engagement and time spent which can in the long run increase your earnings.

Install and activate PWA app

Ezoic’s PWA application creates and serves sites in an app way kind of. The app converts your web content into a smartphone app kind thereby improving the speed for mobile visitors. This PWA app is kind of another AMP or accelerated mobile page.

Use the Balanced optimization goal

Ezoic has up to 4 different optimization goals. I tried all of them including the balanced, revenue-focused, user experienced focused, and custom. Among all of them, I chose the balanced focus since it yielded more than others.

However, if a balanced option seems not to work for you, you can switch to another goal and test drive to see results.

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Work around with your content

We all know that content is king. If you have good quality content, expect your EPMV to increase since visitors will be many and their engagement will also increase.

Good content will help you send bounces to the trash thus growing your revenue over time. Write what readers want to find on your site. Add extra details so visitors can stay on your site longer in addition to making returns.

Join Ezoic and earn unlimited

If you aren’t yet on Ezoic, trust me you are missing a lot. You can join now here and put your AdSense ad testing on autopilot while you witness your earnings increase day by day. Joining using the above link has benefits associated with both of us.

If you are on Ezoic like me, I believe you have seen what I do to enjoy the above, feel free to share your way if you got one. You are also welcome to leave a comment in order to add on anything

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