How To Install, Configure & Activate Quick Cache Plugin On WordPress

Quick Cache for WordPress is one plugin which is known to increase on your website or blog performance when it comes to issues related with increasing your page load speeds through caching and while at the same time decreasing your hosting CPU usage. We all know it well that every time a webpage on your blog or site is loaded, it decreases your allocated bandwidth where by if left uncontrolled, you may end up having a website exceed its monthly allocated CPU limit and which can lead to your site being suspended not until the end of the month when another bandwidth is allocated.

This is more common on sites which are hosted for free on the free hosting providers since for them use shared hosting and do allocated a specific amount of traffic or bandwidth per website per month and once you accumulate all of your traffic even within a week, you will find your site unreachable but with a redirection to the main hosting and which can have an impact to both you and your website visitors.

For those who never missed one of my previous posts which was all about How To Avoid Website Suspension Due To Exceeded CPU Limit On Free Hosting, you saw that one way I recommended was using a cache plugin like Quick Cache and due to the number of silent emails I got, I decided to respond to all in this post while sharing with you how to go about installing, activating and configuring the above plugin and below are what you should follow.

1. Log in to your WordPress blog admin end, hoover your PC mouse on plugins and select add new.

2. Enter “Quick Cache” in the search bar and hit search.

3. Look out for “Quick Cache (Speed Without Compromise)” and click on install.

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4. Click on activate the plugin after installation and you will be done.

Your website is now speeded and cached by Quick Caching plugin. You can now relax while knowing that part of your bandwidth is saved.

Update : The quick cache plugin is nolonger available and nor maintained. You can try out other options.

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  1. pradyumna says:

    Quick cache is not maintained and not available now please update with new other available plugin.

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