How To Install Free Download Manager On A USB Flash Drive

Having your USB flash disk installed with a portal version of your free download manager or application is a sure way of managing all of your download needs and requirements very easily and instantly even at such times while you are on the go for example assuming you were downloading some software from an internet cafe or using a non personal computer and you received an urgent call to a different destination thus not being able to complete 100% your download, and in very many other similar situations like a power outage or a load shading.

Regardless of what may happen to interrupt your download before it completes, the simple solution to such instances is having a portable version of your download manager installed on your plug and play flash since you will always be guaranteed of having your downloads resume ant any time and from anywhere provided you get access of a computer which is connected to the internet since all you will need is inserting your flash drive or disk into the computer USB ports, starting the download manager application and all downloads automatically resuming.

While it is sometimes hard for most computer programs to be installed on a USB drive, what you need to know is some applications do have such support although others like Windows Operating Systems like Windows XP, 7 and others require another application to be first installed on the Flash disk before getting started and which is not the case with free download manager, and below are the simple steps you need to follow in order to create a portable version of your download application.

Step One – Downloading And Installing Free Download Manager

1. You will need to visit the FDM website and download your manager version choice since all are free.

2. Install the download software on your computer just like you do with other programs and start it when you are done either using the Finish launch or from Start, programs and selecting the same.

Step Two – Creating A Portable Version Of Your Download Application Onto Your USB Flash.

1. Insert your USB Flash drive or disk and make sure that it is visible under My Computer.

2. Now Click on File on your Free Download Manager Window and then on Create Portable Version.

3. Click on File Folder Icon, browse the location where you want to create the Version for example your Flash Drive Name (You can too create a new folder in your flash purposely for that) and then select OK.

4. Wait for the application to install and when done, you can remove your USB flash from your computer.

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5. Now uninstall the Free Download Manager application from your computer to make sure that you don’t mix the two.

6. Now put back the flash drive in your computer, open the FDM folder and click on Free Download Manager, browse FDM from the list and click on it to launch temporary portable version.

Repeat the above (6) any time you use a different computer and continue with your uncompleted downloads and or create new downloads. All of your applications from the internet downloaded using the same application will always be saved on your Flash disk in the same downloads folder.

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