How To Instantly Fund/Load Your Free Bancore Virtual/Plastic Visa/Master Prepaid Credit Cards – Up To 4 Different Ways

How to fund bancore vcc Here are up to 4 different ways to do it. Are you looking forward to funding or loading your free Bancore Prepaid Visa/Master credit cards? Did you read one of my previous posts about on how to create your free VCC from Bancore? If yes, then this post will be of great help since it will help you discover the easiest ways to instantly fund your VCC’s right away.

When we talk of prepaid-cards, we refer to those which can be reloaded any number of times. And in order to do this, you need to know the different ways which you can use to load your card at any time you feel so.

Remember, the virtual-card can only be used when its having credit on it since that is how service providers like PayPal will be able to prove that it belongs to you for example, your card is debited something few dollars which when you are verified, they are returned to your account.

Other providers where you can get the same free-cards include OKPay, EntroPay and others on the 100 list.

Okay, no more time waiting, below are the procedures to fund/load your VCC’s.

Bancore-Voucher – You can buy bancore-voucher cards here All you need is to visit the site, create an account and buy your voucher to either instantly load it automatically or by logging into your bancore-account and doing so.

Bank Account Transfer – Log in to bancore-account and click on Bank funding link, follow prompts and you will be done.

Freebie:- It's free and designed for you! Claim yours here now

UKCash Voucher – Regardless of where you are but provided you can have access to a UKCash voucher of $10 plus, you can use it to load your bancore-VCC and directly in your account. Visit this link and search for UKCash sellers. Get a voucher card and instantly get started.

Card-to-Card – This is simple. If you know any one with a bancore-card, talk to him or her and either exchange your Paypal in order to send you bancore-credit.

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