How To Instantly Unfollow / Block Google Plus Pages / Users

Unfollow Google Plus User How to follow anyone, any page or profile on Google plus is what this article is all about. If you have been wondering on how you could go about following anyone for any reason you may be having, oh yes this article is what you should read. I am sharing with you a complete step by step guide and procedure on how to instantly un follow in Google plus. And by simply following what is contained in below and applying it on any user, you would be ready to go.

But before we reach to the how to unfollow on Google+ part, we should know why we need to do this. In the last emails from readers who asked me to blog this out, one said that “I want to unfollow those who never follow me back”, “I get a lot of updates on my wall“. Like you see this reason, I am sure many people out there have their own reasons as to why. But just in case you want to unfollow – Oh I don’t know why you would follow your friend, below is what you should do.

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Unfollow On Google Plus

1. Begin by logging into your Google account using your email ID and password.
2. Now visit and reach your Google+ homepage.
3. Search for that specific person or user or page you want to unfollow by using the free search option.
4. Once you see the name under results, click on it to go to the homepage of that G+ user.
5. Click on the Following button and wait for popup to load.
6. Scroll and uncheck following and hit done. That’s all.

Unfollow G+ Guide


1. Follow above options as in the unfollow guide.
2. On the homage page of the user, click on the Options gear as see in image above.
3. Select and click on Block Profile.
Thats all, you will have blocked that user. Next time, you can simply follow the same and hot unblock.

Written by KWS Adams

My name is KWS Adams . (Call me Kateregga). I am an IT addict who loves playing around with computers and internet. Computers help me try out different things while turning them into reality, while the internet powers me stay live online. Besides computers, I am a project planning and management professional with an Award obtained from MUK, one of the oldest and best Universities in Africa. Find me on Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp. Find more on how to contact me using the contact me page.

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