How To Integrate Google Adsense On Hubpages Hubs

We have seen on how to integrate Text, eBay and Amazon capsules, lets see how to Integrate Google Adsense On Hubpages since it is one of the requirements for those who want to to earn using the Ad program.

Hubpages is an Adsense content revenue sharing site which gives users pace to link their Adsense account for those who have them already and or to apply for Adsense accounts and start monetizing their posts.

This mans that once you successfully link your Adsense account through the Hubpages API, you will be eligible to earn both on the Hubpages Ad program and Adsense. And the more traffic your hubs get, the higher your chances of earning and vice versa.

Like I mentioned, this post is taking you through the guide on how to Integrate Google Adsense On Hubpages and below we go.

1. Start by logging in to your Hubpages account.

2. Go to earnings page and click on configure next to Google Adsense.

3. If you have an account already, click yes and move on the next step where you will enter your Adsense email address, you zip code or postal code and the last 5 digits of your phone number on your account.

Save settings and log in to your Adsense email address, click on the verification link to grant Hubpages access to your account and you will be done.

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And you don’t have an Adsense account already, select No and follow the application steps.

It may take some time before you get approved since it will involve an Adsense team reviewing your account to approve or reject and once you are approved, you are ready to earn with Adsense on Hubpages.

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