How To Join Sala Puleesa Promotion & Win Lots Of Prizes

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Sala Puleesa Promotion By Drinking A Pepsi, Miranda Or Mountain Dew

Sala Puleesa is an instant Win promotion by Crown beverages Uganda where everyone stands a chances to walk away with one of the million prizes being offered. And just like its already happened to “John Peter Oduch-okwall, a 71 year old retired teacher from Agwata sub-county in Dokolo district and 27 year old Peter Ayimbisige, a chef at Home Hotel in Kabale” together with one other who already won the Toyota Noah motor vehicles, you too can become a winner if you follow the simple instructions and requirements of the promotion.

In order to become part of the Crown beverages Uganda Sala Puleesa promotion, you simply have to following the promotion terms and conditions.

Drink any of the Pepsi brand 330ml sodas for example a Pepsi, Mountain dew or Miranda, look out under the cap for a code, text or SMS that code to 8777 and stand a chance of being that winner who will walk away with either the Toyota Noah, Business Motor Bikes, Plasma TV, Smartphones and instant airtime.

Saala Puleesa Pepsi Promotion 2016

In this Crown beverages Uganda promotion, there are over 3 million prizes to be won all in the 300ml Sodas including Mountain Dew, Pepsi and Mirinda where by the more you drink, the higher your chances of being one of the winners.

Saala Puleesa Pepsi Promotion Cown Beverages

Draws are held on MTV, Spark TV, Urban TV, Bukedde and others where winners are publicly announced, for instant draws. Due to the available scams, the public is warned of any possible fake calls. The official Winner caller number is only 0392 001882 for this Sala puleesa Pepsi promotion 2016.

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If you were wondering on how you can drive free, then this is your chance to try out just like the many different people have tried and reached their dreams..

How To Join Sala Puleesa Promotion & Win Lots Of Prizes

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  1. People i won airtime of 2000 i even smssed the code but i didnt receive my airtime whats wrong

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