How To Keep Your Energy Up Being A Busy Lawyer

Most lawyer lead very buys, often stressful lives. Preparing cases, jumping from meeting to meeting, barely managing to make it to court appointment in time, being a lawyer requires a lot of energy. If you struggle to keep your energy level up throughout a busy workday it can be difficult to get all of your tasks for the day finished in a timely fashion. This can turn into a vicious circle where you have to work late almost every day to get your work done, don’t get enough sleep and consequently don’t have enough energy the following workday to be as productive as you need to be. To avoid falling into this common trap we’ve gathered a few tips that can help you keep up your energy level throughout your day.

Start Your Day With a Breakfast Rich In High Proteins

A high protein breakfast right after you get up can help keep your energy level up until midday. Not having breakfast or having a breakfast mainly consisting of empty calories, such as cereal, white bread or pastries will cause your energy level to drop drastically during the late morning. Have some bacon and eggs (and skip the white toast that often goes with it), yogurt and almond butter with a little bit of raw honey and a banana or even a protein shake for breakfast.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water and other fluids all day long can help in preventing dehydration and if you drink a lot of coffee, its recommended to avoid it.

Stay off the Sweets

Avoid snacking on sugary snacks throughout the day. Having a high protein breakfast will help curb sugar cravings in the morning that may lead you to the candy machine otherwise. If you do get hungry, eat a peace of fruit, some nuts or yogurt (without added sugar).

Midday Workout

Getting some exercise during the day has been shown to significantly improve a person’s productivity afterwards. By going for a quick run, swim or gym session during your lunch break you’ll be able to re-energize your body, ready for a busy afternoon.

Take Breaks

Keeping your mind 100% attentive for hours at a time is almost impossible. Whenever you feel that your mind is constantly drifting or you’ve been stuck on a problem for ages, take a break and go outside for short walk, stretch your body or have a quick chat with a colleague. The outside air will help re-energize your mind and body when you’ve been spending all day in the office. Office air has been shown to be of much worse quality than outside air, even in polluted cities. Talking to colleagues and having a few laughs has also been shown to be great for improving your mood and consequently productivity.

Get Enough Quality Sleep

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Don’t fall into the trap of not getting enough sleep, then having to work long hours because you are too tired to focus to then again skip on the amount of sleep you get. Try to get at least 7 hours of quality sleep per night.

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Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Alamo Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas. Zane enjoys starting the day with a high protein breakfast.

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