How To Know Your Blog Target Audience Interests With Atomic Reach/Engager Tool

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Ever heard of Atomic Reach or Engager? Find out how to use it on your Blog for better performance. What do you think would happen if you wrote articles and blog posts which your target audience are interested in? And guess what your website’s performance would be when compared with those other web pages which have untargeted contents because of not knowing what their audience are interested in?

If you are a Blogger or even a webmaster, am sure you already know the answer to the questions above _ a Boost in your views, impressions and earnings of course. Yes, that is so true since writing without knowing what your readers want is one reason why many blog owners keep crying for traffic and looking for ways to improve performance.

In this small article, I will share with you how you can get to know your audience interests when it comes to what you have on your while at the same time increasing on your writing skills using Atomic Engager.

The Atomic tool is one which allows you to add your blog feed so as for it to analyses your content and make suggestions for improvement. Once installed on your site (for example a WordPress Plugin), it helps you locate possible areas in both the post title and body which need improvements as you type..

Your content is optimised in the tools engine there by making your write targeted posts for your audience since you get access to all critical insights before making a post live basing on what I have experienced while using the tool on a clients Blog.

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Getting used this Engager means creating contents made for people other than bot since you have chances of making all necessary changes as recommended while you draft your posts.

How To Get Started With Atomic-Reach?

In order to start, you need to visit and create an account for your Free API. And once you are done, log in to your website eg WordPress and install the Atomic Engager plugin and start configuring it. Enter your API key, connect it and you will be set to run.

Now go to create a New post, check the Analyse button on the Tool on your right side in the editor and you will be done. Review and do as recommended in order to create an audience targeted article to improve engagement.

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How To Know Your Blog Target Audience Interests With Atomic Reach/Engager Tool

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