How to Lock Whatsapp Voice Messages Note Recording

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Lock Whatsapp Voice Note Recording Ever since Whatsapp has been existing, lots of changes have been seen, which to me all are aimed at improving the world’s most loved social application. One of the latest similar development in this app is the Voice recording feature where by currently, it is possible for one to lock the recording, which allows one to record longer voice notes.

I know many Whatsapp users out there haven’t known yet about this development, and a reason as to why I chose to share this guide on how to lock Whatsapp recording. If you are among the many who prefer sending longer voice notes to their friends for example in a conversation similar note, then this is for you.

The whole idea is very simple and more less like it has been in the past. The only new thing which one is required to do is to simply touch the lock app and instantly, the recording will be locked which will allow you continue recording without necessarily having to touch the usual button. I know you are already keen to know how not so? OK! Lets head directly to the full guide so you can enjoy.

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How to lock Whatsapp Voice Messages

  • Tap the microphone button
  • swipe finger to lock icon you see
  • You are done

I am very sure you have seen how easy and simple it is to lock your recordings. Next is for you to try it out.econ

Note: If by any chance you happen not to see this lock option while recording your voice notes, then you are most likely to be using the old version of Whatsapp. I would suggest you perform an update to the newest version so you can make use of this awesome feature.

How to Lock Whatsapp Voice Messages Note Recording

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