How To Make A Slideshow Video With Windows 7 Movie Maker

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by KWS Adams
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Making a slideshow video with Windows 7 movie maker is fun. Yes, I tried it and I was amazed by how easy it is to create nice videos which you can publish on YouTube, etc right from your photos.  Whether you want to simply share your previous tour pictures with your friends, family, etc, WMM gives you the opportunity to do it.

Windows Movie Maker is a free feature which requires you to launch the application and within a few minutes, a  professional looking video is created posted live on any of your social media channels, or even YouTube channel.

Whether you want to create a video for fun or even for making money using Google Adsense, etc,I will show you how you can easily make a slideshow video with Windows 7 movie maker. Simply follow the instructions below after you have downloaded the application from archived source.

Instructions to make slideshow video

  • Boot your “computer”
  • Click “Start”
  • Click “All Programs”
  • Search for “Windows Movie Maker”
  • Launch “Application”
  • Click “Capture Video”under Movie tasks
  • Click “Import pictures”
  • Drag and drop the imported pictures
  • Import Music if you are adding a song
  • Click on Show Video Timeline to set the duration
  • Test video using play option
  • Finish and save your video
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You are now done and your video is ready to be uploaded on your YouTube channel once you log in to your account. To make and or create a Slideshow Video using Windows 7 movie maker, you need to have all of the pictures, photos and images you want to use in your video saved in the location of your choice for example on your local hard drive, or flash USB disk.

Once you have all of them and possibly done sorting them as in which order you want them to be, the next option or to do is to laugh the WMM application and get started And to laugh the application, follow the simple steps below.

How To Make A Slideshow Video With Windows 7 Movie Maker

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