How To Make A YouTube Picture Slideshow Video With WMM

Creating a Picture Video which can be uploaded on your YouTube Channel using Windows Movie Maker is a fun act since it involves no expert knowledge in order to accomplish ones task for making a movie. Whether you want to simply share your previous tour pictures with your friends, family or even the entire public, WMM gives you the opportunity to do while YouTube allows you to upload, post and share whatever you have created on the internet so as for any one to see you or any other of your choice provided he or she is included in the pictures in action.

Windows Movie Maker is a free feature which comes installed by default on all WOS and which too requires only to launch the application and within a few minutes, a whole professional looking video is created and live. On the other hand, YouTube is a well known Video broadcasting portal owned by the BIG Google which gives users the opportunity to create free account or simply sign in using their Google accounts, personalize their profiles, create channels, upload all videos of choice provided they fall in the service usage terms in addition to allowing those who want to monetize and earn from their videos through Google Adsense, another product from G or Google.

To make and or create a Slideshow Video using WMM, you need to have all of the pictures, photos and images you want to use in your Video saved in the location of your choice for example on your local hard drive or even on a flash USB disk provided you can have access to them since it is a must when making your video. And once you have all of them and possibly done sorting them as in which order you want them to be, the next option or to do is to laugh the WMM application and get started And to laugh the application, follow the simple steps below.

1. Boot your computer and click on Start.

2. Point mouse on All Programs, search and click on Windows Movie Maker.

Now that you have launched the WMM application, the next step is to add your pictures and create your Video which you can post on a site like YouTube using the following procedures below.

1. Click Capture Video to highlight drop down list under Movie tasks and then on Import pictures.

2. Repeat same process of importing pictures until all the picture you want to use in your Slideshow video are done.

3. Now Drag and drop the imported pictures one by one to the down boxes as per how you want them appear in your Video until you are done.

4. You can then select the Import Audio or Music assuming you want to add a song in your slideshow and too drop the music where your dropped the photos.

5. Click on Show Video Timeline to set the duration of play for selected pictures.

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6. Use the Player on your right to play your video in test mode and continue editing it as per your needs.

7. Use any option under the Finish menu and save your video as per your requirement.

You are now done and your video is ready to be uploaded on your YouTube channel once you log in to your account.

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