How To Make Computer Programs Auto Start In Win Xp

Having a PC program automatically start up on every Win XP reboot is one thing which I taken long searching for. And in fact, I wasn’t the only one who was looking for this but rather, we were searching it as a group for our own reasons for example personally, I wanted to make sure that even those programs and applications which are not meant to start on every Windows boot could do it due to the fact that some of them are required before one does anything for example before connecting to the internet.

As you might have read in one of my past posts which was titled —–How To Monitor Internet Bandwidth On Your Computer —-, it was a must that I had to find a way to make my internet monitoring application automatically start up on every boot since that would help me to keep track of all my internet usages and which I am doing so far. While we may not share a same reason as to why you would want to make some of your Windows XP programs auto start on startup, at least I know that reading this will surely help you to learn how you can deal with such a situation just like you will seen discover.

And if you are really interested in learning how it works so as to do-it-yourself, then follow the simple procedures below to get started.

1. Log on to your computer and of course using the Administrator account.

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2. Make sure that you have pinned the program you want in Start menu

3. Now Click on Start and go to All Programs.

3. Look out for StartUp so that you can know where you are heading.

4. Now Click on the Program or application you want to auto start on every boot, drag and drop it in StartUp.

Auto Start In XP

And when you are done, that particular program or application will always start up on every reboot.

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  1. Thank you for the great tutorial. This is so informative and I have already tested and proved working. Bravo.

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