How To Make Fruit Juice For Business From Home In Uganda

If you never knew, the fruit juice business is one of the growing businesses not only in Uganda but also, in very many countries across the world. If you think I am joking, take a tour of the different shopping centers like Shoprite, Game, and other stores, you will get to know how juice is a favorite almost all shoppers add to their shopping list.

With thousands of daily customers, it definitely makes sense when you join this lucrative business. And if you really know what to do, and how to promote your fruit juice product, you can start profiting within the shortest time, and thus increasing your earnings, a sure way to become rich in Uganda.

How to make fruit juice for business from home?

You can make fruit juice for business right from your home. Since this kind of business fits almost any available space and requires no big industrial machines for starters, you can do all activities from a simple garage, and later upgrade.

Just like Mulondo, starting requires some simple knowledge of the different homemade fruit juice recipes for example pineapple, mango, calamansi, buko, gulaman, lemon, orange, passion fruit recipes the inputs you need, bottling, packing, and preserve your juice for sale. Once you are ready, the next step is marketing and soliciting clients whom you will supply both for wholesale and retail.

Setting up your fruit juice business

Like other eatables, the juice business requires cleanness. Yes, expect to be clean at all times and so to where your workplace. Working from your home doesn’t mean granting permission to anyone to come to your workspace. You can set boundaries for non-workers as a way of maintaining a natural healthy juice company. Yes, I call it company since, within a few months, it will be.

Now that you’ve got enough space, know where you will get the ingredients requires for your business. Know who will supply you the different raw materials since that will help you maintain production and so to supply. Owino market, Nakasero market, Nakawa markets, etc are some of the places where you can get suppliers who will be ready to supply.

Making the fruit juice

Following a set of mixed fruit drink recipes instructions, you are ready to provide the world with the best tasting juices. Since you need to produce quality, you need to learn exactly how it works. Also, you need to procure fruit juicer machines which will help in making that tasty product.

Marketing your product

Once you are done and testing, you are ready to market your product in order to get clients. Right from TV commercials, radio ads, social media promotions and etc like the Mulondo root guys do, you will be ready to enjoy steady demand for as long as your product is quantity.

What else?

  • Obtaining UNBS Certification
  • Selling your fruit juice
  • Profiting from sales
  • Expanding your business.


While many take many things to be impossible, I believe that with determination and commitment, anything is possible. The impossible is only for those who are no longer living, but not you. Joining the fruit juice business in Uganda means profiting with steady demand. What are you doing???

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