How to Make Money In Seven Simple Ways for College Students

Are you a college student and looking for easier ways to make money? This post is for you as it contains up to 7 proven simple ways you can use to reach your goals. It’s a usual complaint among college students to be broke and not have enough left from their allowance. But there’s good news, you don’t have to depend on mom and dad all the time for your monetary needs. Being in college can teach you to take responsibility for yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and learn in ways that the typical classroom learning won’t teach you. This comes in the form of working, helping yourself, and earning from it as well. There are ways to earn as a college student. Here are some seven suggested ways to find work part-time, earn from it, and survive college life altogether.

Student Assistant – Some universities offer a student assistant program, wherein you get to have a part-time job at one of the places in your school, like library assistant or a cafeteria server, and you get paid for it in the form of allowance or the like. You better ask your college department regarding information about these types of financial assistance for students. Not only you get to work in your own campus, you’ll also get paid for it at the same time.

Server/coffee barista – If you want to work and get more hands-on experience, consider working as a server or a coffee barista. You get to learn how to handle pressure, interact with different kinds of people, and if you’re lucky enough, to enjoy the whole experience, especially if coffee or food is your thing. Find some establishments that support working students and check out what their student employees have to say about their work experience.

Freelance work – Freelance work may come in the form of different tasks, like mowing a lawn, babysitting, repairs, data entrants, answering questions online, freelance writing for the  best essay writing services, and other kinds of skills you can do and can help you earn. The fun side of freelance work is that your own skills can give you the money you need, and you might even enjoy what you’re doing.If you’re looking for any kind of work that will pay you for it, your network is a good source. Maybe you have a classmate who needs a hand with make-up, or a professor who wants to have a pet dog walked. These network connections can lead you to the freelance work you’re looking for.

Answering online surveys – Finding legit online surveys that pay its participants can be fun! You get to answer everything ranging from consumer-related questionnaires to more personal matters. Before joining paid online surveys, you better analyze the terms and conditions offered, especially when it comes to payment.

Selling unused items – If you have unused clothes, gadgets, or any kind of furniture, it can be a good idea to sell them at a reasonable price. This is bound to get more fun if you and your friends set up a garage sale or swap items. Read more on this here

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Paid internship – There are some internship jobs with pay. It’s a good idea to have an internship experience, even if it may not be related to your major. Aside from the pay, having job experience as a student will go a long way in raising your credentials for your CV. That will be a plus point for you when you start looking out for a job after graduation.

Joining student contests – There are student contests that offer cash prizes for those who win. Be on the lookout for contests you can join in, starting with your college department or the student body. That can lead you to a big break as a student while earning from the skill you’re really good at.
These ideas can give you the push you need for you to start working even while in college. If you need help with financial matters, get off your couch and start looking for work now!

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