How To Make Money Reselling Items

what to buy and sell to make moneyHaving the best items to resell for profit is one of the ways anyone can make money. Whether you own a set of tangible or intangible products, there are lots of alternatives you can have them sold for cash,for example doing ebay reselling business.

With an option to be done both online and offline depending on what you prefer, there are lots of things to buy and sell for profit there by allowing you to make that extra, just like that. If you have been used to hearing  how different people earn a living from the sale of used or old items, thius article introduces you to this kind of business venture.

Regardless of when you bought or purchased whatever you would want to resell for profit, and no matter what product you have, you can have it listed on stores like eBay, etsy, Amazon, etc, and wit for your cash to come in.

In fact, I personally hunt for things to buy at goodwill and sell on ebay since I am used to it and well know how they profit. For example, I resold my Blackberry Curve and profited more than $50 in just a weeks time. I also recently sold my Maimeite m10 3g 5.0 inch smartphone and was able to cash in 10% extra.

eBay reselling business for example requires a few things to get started for example, a startup capital which may range from a $10 to even $1000 depending on what products you can buy cheap and sell high, in addition to marketing and promotion which you can do free using social media.

The online ways

When you take a search about selling and buying online, you will be exposed to so many sites where you can do all the above online for example on eBay, Amazon, etsy, Alibaba and many others and the best of all being the fact that creating an account on all of those sites is free.

You will need to join them and simply list anything be it a product or an item like a computer, a cell phone, a newspaper, a car spare part and any other of your choice. There are so many buyers who are willing and ready to buy whatever you offer provided you set a reasonable price.

If you want to do whole sale, that is another option although for it involves high start up capital. You can buy in bulk on a site like Alibaba and sell on retail based on a site like eBay or even Amazon thus taking a commission in between on every sale.

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Intagible and digitally delivered goods like eBooks, and with many having resell rights which can allow you to resale at your own prices. For example Free Virtual Credit Card ebook has reselling rights. I bought it once and I am too earning from it offline. I have come across so many of that kind and now I know its one make money option since it involves selling what you bought.

The offline ways.

Offline is a tricky one since many prefer to test before paying and if you are not sure of what you are selling, you can lose money. David, a friend of mine who is in computers shared how he earns a commission of $50 on every offline item he sells. What he does is to buy an item or product from the online stores like Alibaba and then resell it at a higher price offline to his clients since he is in computers.

The same can be done by anyone and you can sell to anyone including family members just like I did when I bought a USB sound card from eBay at $1 with free shipping and resold it at $6, a price at a local store and where I made $5 as profit. Your marketing and promotional know is what determines when it comes to this.

In a nutshell, you can be able to make money from selling what you own provided you know how to do it and which I am sure that the article did contain how you can get started at least.

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  1. Tricky formula but works when you are committed. I am a car spare parts seller in Uganda and sell what I buy. Its more similar to commission deal although I have to try my best to earn more. Huh, thanks 🙂

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