How To Make Money Selling Surfing Data

Selling Surfing or Browsing data and imagine from your handheld device is one of the make money opportunities which many people have found to be real other than an imaginary one due to the way many end up earning from almost a no investment. I came to discover the idea you are soon discovering below after visiting my friend where I spent three days, and the same days which helped me to learn this get rich idea I had never thought of personally. In brief, this guy owns two mobile devices including a simple Nokia N82 phone and a HTC smartphone which he turned into an investment to an extent that he is so proud of is earning style.

With the availability of the many smartphones and other WiFi and wireless connectivity supporting devices, anyone can take them as an advantage to make real money by selling surfing data to those who want to surf the internet. What this guys does is to purchase a simple data bundles of say 1000 Megabytes cheaply for only $1 which he later sells in minutes to other users who have turned his home as a Hotspot area. With his HTC phone which supports tethering, what he does is to turn on the portable hotspot with a WEP key and then start selling to whoever wants to use internet depending on the time one wants.

And regardless of the phone you have provided its of a Symbian series and or the smartphones, doing this kind of business can really help you out to make some extra money while at the same time doing your other businesses. Whether you are at work, home or even at a neighbors place but provided you know how to market a business for example placing banners around alerting people of hotspot availability and other ways like word of mouth can help you to get started. Remember, your phone with enough data is all you need to get started and apart from the above, there is nothing like any other investment required.

If you are interested in trying this opportunity, then below are some of the steps which you can follow to get started depending on the device you are having.

Sell Surfing Data And Make Money

Step One – Know Who You Are To Offer The Service

Taking an example of the guy where I learnt of this, he has his business located at his home and which is next to campus. He too runs a photocopying and scanning service which helped him to add the data selling business. When clients come to photocopy, they buy surfing time from as low as 5 minutes to no limitation. You will need to look for a place which has people who are willing to use the internet. You can choose a relaxing place like a square center, a coffee cafe, a washing bay, a school, a hospital and many other locations which tend to attract people and set your business there.

Step Two – Acquiring a Tethering Support Mobile Device

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A Tethering supporting device is the best since for it requires no additional applications. By default, most smartphones like the iPhone have the tether feature and which can be activated the very time one wants to for example, if you have an iPhone, Open settings, Choose network, Enable tethering and you will be done. And if you have some other model phones like the Nokia, Sony Ericsson,Nec and others, check out this article on How To Create Your Own Home/Office Wireless Network

And when you are ready, just set the sharing key on and just give out the numbers to those who pay you. The best tip you must know is to keep changing your sharing keys at least more than twice a day.

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