How To Make Money With Pay Per Download?

How to make money with pay per downloadThere are several ways you can use when it comes to making money with pay per download. Many of those ways are free to join thus meaning that the more options you join, the higher your chances of earning. If you have been wondering how exactly you can make money with pay per download, below I share the different ways which have been covered in this guide.

  • Downloading music
  • Uploading PDF files
  • Installing applications
  • Referring others

How to make money with pay per download

Using the above are some of the ways. But how do you exactly make money using them? Lets take a look at the details of each of the ways so you can deeply understand the entire how it works when it comes to earning that extra cash.

1. Downloading music

Downloading music is not something new. Many people including myself have used this same way to earn extra cash online. In order for you to earn, you need to join sites which pay you for that or even download mobile applications which gives you access to earning through listening to music. A number of applications and sites you can join and get paid to download, listen or even to review music include but not limited to;

  • Earnably
  • FusionCash
  • SlicethePie
  • Musicxray
  • Nielsen Market Research
  • HitPredictor
  • RadioLoyalty

2. Uploading PDF files

Uploading PDF files is one simple and easy way in the world on money making. You get paid to download, and or upload files thus it being a win win situation. What actually happens here is that you create an account with any of the paying sites and upload your files and instantly earn every time the file is downloaded. You can check out sites like;


Earn by Earn by Uploading PDF files

3. Installing applications

Installing applications gives you freedom to make money from everywhere including while travelling. This option requires one to have an android smartphone or even iPhone or even a computer. You get paid to download, install and run the application on your device. Many of those applications are found in Google play store if you search for “get paid to”. You can also check out the following below.

  • AppTrailers
  • Tap Cash Rewards
  • AppBounty
  • Gigwalk
  • Ibotta
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Earn Installing applications
Earn Installing applications

4. Referring others

Referring others to join those sites or even apps you are already working with is one way to increase your chances of making money using pay per download. Every time you find a good and legitimate site, it is important to share it using the referral tools which many sites provide you with. This way can boost your earnings since the more others join under you, the more you earn.

In order to refer, you simply need your ref link and share it either on social media like Facebook, Twitter and etc or even on your website if you can create a review post of the service you are referring.

Earn referring othersWinding up

Many ways exist when it comes to making money with pay per download. If you are ready to join this way of earning extra cash, the gates are always open for new members. The best thing is the fact that it is free to join and start earning. Briefly, you can earn by;

  • Downloading music
  • Uploading PDF files
  • Installing applications
  • Referring others

It is also important to note that the above are not only the available ways since thousands of ways exit. The choice you make largely depends on what you can do, the tools required including time, internet, devices and more. However, it is worth to try if you really want to benefit……..!

Written by KWS Adams

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