How To Make Use Of Google Apps Status Dashboard

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Google App Status

Did you know that you can be able to track the current status and performance of the different Google services and applications? Have you ever wondered why a particular or certain Google application may be malfunctioning or failing to respond as required at certain times? Regardless of whatever your question may be, you are guaranteed of knowing why such might be happening using the Google Apps Status Dashboard.

Google Applications  Status Dashboard is a page which offers and where Google service users can be able to know and track the status with regard to any information which may be affecting a service which is offered by Google and the information found on the same page “applies to consumer services as well as services for organizations using Google Apps“.

It so happens that a service for example Google docs, Gmail, Adsense, YouTube, Talk, Slide, Sheets, Drive, Drawing, Groups, Sites and many others may at any one time not respond as expected and which can make one to start wondering why that may be happening and in such situations, the use of the Apps Status is required as it can help one to instantly determine whether its a general outage or problem with the service or simply a self problem since a computer or even an internet connection one is using can cause a service interruption.

Getting started with the Apps Status usage is something simple since all one id required to do is to visit the Apps Status Dashboard page, navigate through the service one is looking for and know the status instantly just like you can see in the picture below.

Google Apps Status

Some of the features include the Service name, the date and the possible interruption which may be available.

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How To Make Use Of Google Apps Status Dashboard

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