How To Make Your Website/Blog EU Cookie Law Abider/Compliant/Supporter As Required By Google Adsense

This tutorial is about how to set your Blog or website as per the European Union or EU cookie policy laws. The same article shows you how to make your site EU compliant and supportive when it comes to the Cookie law assuming you have a website or Blog which receives traffic from the EU member countries. And yes, the same law is now followed by Google Adsense and as per the program publishers guidelines, all sites, blogs and web pages which show Google Adsense ads must be abiding by the EU cookie law.

The deadline which was set by publishers to follow this guide already past since it was September 30th and now that we are in November. However, you need not worry about this since in this post, you will discover the easiest way you can set up your Blog to follow the EU cookie law and at the same time the Google Adsense publisher requirement.

What happens is that the EU laws require all websites and blogs which use cookies to disclose that to their users or readers so that they either agree to continue using those website by accepting the cookie policy and or to reject and simply stop making use of the site.

And just like you see on this very site, the Cookie bar explains how use third party sites which too makes uses of your cookies for different reasons for example user experience and ads matching. Yes, you are too required to have it just in case you use any provider who uses cookies on your website for example the Ad providers as per the EU cookie law.

How to make your site EU cookie abider easily and in seconds for WordPress

Begin by logging into your website administration control and go to plugins.

Select add new plugin and enter the word EU Cookie law in the search box and hit enter.

At this time, you will be presented with a list of different EU Cookie law supportive plugins.

Chose one which you think is best for you and install it. Configure it as required and you will see a notification bar appearing in your set position with the wordings your decide.

Very simple and easy, your site is now an European Union Cookie Law abider and at the same time An Adsense program TOS follower.

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