How To Obtain A MOWT Driver’s License Certification Letter In Uganda

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Driving permit certification letter

A MOWT driving permit cerfication letter is mandatory for anyone who wish to obtain a drivers license oversees without going through the beginer tests and etc, like it is for those who never sat on behind the steering wheel before. In Uganda, the Ministry of Works and Transport is the official government agency which handles all issues related to the above.

If you were wondering how you would get started including the required how to steps in order to obtain the subject letter, this post has it all courtesy of experience. In many cases, drivers who are interested in obtaining a permanent drivers license in any foreign country e.g the US, Canada, UK and etc, who wish to skip the prior tests to obtaining the license are requested to submit a reference, or a recommendation letter providing proff that indeed they own an official document issued back home which allows one to sit behind the steering wheel.

Obtaining the above increases your chances of applying for, and getting a drivers license in the country you are in. Now that you have read an introductory part, lets take a look at the requirements and how to obtain the MOWT certification letter.

Requirements to obtain the above

  • Request letter addressed to the; Secretary, Transport License Board, Ministry Of Works, Kampala Uganda.
  • Photocopy of your Drivers License issued by Face Technologies on behalf the MOWT.
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Steps to apply for a certification letter

Step 1: Write a letter addressed to the above address requesting for the subject of choice. It is vital to include any other information (if any) about you or your drvers license to ease the process.

Step 2: Make photocopies of your driving permit and attach them to the well signed letter above.

Step 3: Submit your request letter to the said office, and make any required payment if any.

At this point, you will be told when your requested certification letter will be done and ready for picking up.

Disclaimer: The above is for informational purposes only, and shouldn’tbe replaced as a professional or official advise. You can always refer to or even for more information on how this can be done.

How To Obtain A MOWT Driver’s License Certification Letter In Uganda

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