How To Optimize Your Website/Blog Speed For Faster Loading – The Top 4 Ways

Did you know that a well speed optimized website/blog has so many benefits to both the owner and the user? Here is an example – the owner does benefits in terms of spending less on things like hosting costs due to the fact that his or her page uses only a few of the resources allocated, while to the end user, the page contents of the Blog loads faster and which makes one to have a happy browsing as compared to those sites where one spends minutes while loading a single post page. The shorter the load time of any webpage, the more the visitors that site gets since web visitors love faster loading sites as compared to slow loading ones.

Likewise, I too hate checking out such sites which makes me spend minutes and minutes while waiting for them to load, something which ca make me close and move on to the other and that is why when you take a look at my Website excluding those who use maximum slow internet connections, you will notice that all post pages load faster more than double as compared to many of the other sites you have ever visited and below, you will discover how I do it and what too you can do to help yourself and your readers on your own Blog or Website.

1. Avoid using too many pictures in your Posts – Well as pictures and or images are good since they add value to the post, too much of them is one thing which might end up slowing your website/blog load time and which is bad to you and the end user. If you must, then you used use compressed images and photos and which are medium sized ones since for those wont take too long while loading.

2. Avoid using a lot of Scripts – Scripts are useful since many of them serve their own purposes for example to use an external application on your Blog or Site. However, too much of them will slow your site more especially if the script server website takes long to load or when its off temporarily. You need to ensure that only a minimum of them and those which serve a real purpose should be used.

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3. Use a Light Theme/Template Background Image – Since most of the Content Management Systems allows the use of Templates and Themes which support background images, one way to help speed up your Blog/Website is to avoid using Bigger sized and many colored images and photos. These are known to slow the speed of your site and which creates a bad experience to the readers.

4. Choose the Right Comment Plugin or Service – You all know that comments are so good when on a website or Blog not so? Well as they are good, choosing the WRONG comment plugin or provider can slow your speed. This is something I have tested myself and have come to know that such comments which load not direct but in a script way may slow your site to the maximum. Therefore, you need to choose the right provider and or those which are non script supportive.

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