How to Partner with Jumia Logistics

Partnering with Jumia Logistics allows third-party businesses, sellers, and customers to benefit from Jumia’s last-mile delivery network across the 11 countries in Africa where the company operates. If you want to become a partner, this article is for you.

When the company annouced the opening of Jumia Logistics services to third parties in November 2020, many businesses picked interested in the Africa’s leading ecommerce platform services in a bid to bridge the gap that had been existing when it came to last-mile deliveries.

Until recently, Jumia’s logistics services were reserved for eCommerce and food vendors operating on its marketplace. Jumia’s logistics services are now open to third party businesses who wish to leverage its network, technology and expertise for last-mile deliveries across all 11 countries in Africa.

It is for the same reason that several questions including; how to partner with Jumia logistics, how to become Jumia delivery agent, etc started raising up, and which I am here to answer in this article.

How to Partner with Jumia Logistics

  • Visit the Jumia registration page
  • Enter first and last name
  • Enter your phone number and email address
  • Select your country and input your address
  • Answer any other question
  • Submit form

Once your form is successfully submitted, a Jumia staff will reach out to you to follow in regard to your application. You can alternatively use Twitter @Jumia_Group, or even reach out to Douglas Kawamara (Skype Douglas Kawamara) if you are in Uganda.

How to become Jumia delivery agent

  • Visit
  • Click create an account
  • Fill in the required details
  • Create an account

Wait for the confirmation email sent to your email address and your account will be ready upon verifying your email. The next step is to create a Jumia force account and enjoy the benefits associated with Jumia delivery agents.

Note: Becoming a Jumia sales consultant requires you to create both the normal and JForce account. Once you are logged in, you can view much more about how it works faqs, how to get paid, commission structure, placing an order for the client, JForce sales matrix, etc.

More about Jumia Logistics Services

Jumia logistics services is an integrated logistics solutions platform with an adverse countrywide network. Their core value proposition is; shipping services that can be tailored to your specific needs, API Integration and technical support, easy to use client portal for package creation and tracking, provide cash on delivery services.

They have got a large number of seller Drop off stations, and customer pick up stations, real-time cash reconciliation at the time of delivery, and fast remittance and return management with exceptional customer experience thus being ready to solve your logistics and customer satisfaction needs.

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