How To Pay Umeme Bill Using Airtel Money/UTL Msente/Warid

If you read my previous article here The Step By Step Guide On How To Clear Your Electricity Bill Using Umeme Touch Pay In Uganda, you must have learnt how to do it using MTN Mobile Money but in case you didn’t or haven’t yet, then I would recommend that you check the above linked article for some light on what Touch pay is in addition to Umeme but briefly, paying your electricity bill was made easier for some time now and from the comfort of your office, home or even on the go, it is very possible to avoid your power being cut off as you can easily pay your bills on time.

How To Pay Using Airtel Money

1. Open your phone menu and go to the Airtel SIM card logo or to services.

2. Select Airtel Money, press OK and select Make payments.

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3. Press on Pay Bill and select Umeme from the long list.

4. Enter the amount of money you wish to pay for example 20000 and confirm prompt.

5. Enter your Pin Number and your reference number which is your your Umeme account number and press OK.

6. Wait for the confirmation message and you will be done.

How To Pay Using Uganda Telecom (UTL) Msente.

1. Dial *500# from your phone and press OK.

2. Select reply and in put 5 which represents Payments.

3. Look out for Pay Umeme, get the number, press reply and in put it.

4. Select Pay Umeme Bill and reply with the corresponding number.

5. Choose whether you want to pay for yourself or another and respond with the number selected.

6. Enter the amount you want to pay and okay.

7. Enter your Umeme account number and okay.

8. Reply with corresponding number of YES or NO to confirm.

9. Enter your PIN and you will be done.

Wait for the confirmation message and you will be done.

How To Pay Using Warid Pesa

After Warid Telecom merging with Airtel, the same options for Airtel can be used to pay with Warid.

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