How To Pay For Electricity Bill Using Umeme Touch Pay – Yaka And The Paper Bill Through Mobile Money

Touch Pay is a new service from Umeme, a Uganda’s energy company which is responsible for supply, connecting, billing and collection of all electricity related. Touch Pays service works in such a way that power / energy consumers can pay and or clear their monthly bills directly from the Mobile phones from the comfort of their homes or offices without the need to travel or even stay for long hour’s in banking queues so as to deposit their payment bills with regard to power as it used to be in the past.

For whatsoever network a consumer is using whether MTN, Airtel (Already connected), Uganda Telecom,or Orange (To be connected soon), one would simply need to go to his or her phone mobile money menu option and make an instant payment so easily. It should be noted that each of the different mobile telecommunication company in Uganda has a name for its Mobile Cash Transaction service for example Mobile Money for MTN, Airtel Money for Airtel, M-Sente for Uganda Telecom and others and one would need to go to his or her phone menu above and choose the Touch Pay option of which all the other process are similar as below.

Touch Pay, Yaka And Bill Payment Procedures

On your phone related Money transaction menu for example Mobile Money or Airtel-Money, choose option below and follow procedures.

1. Select Pay Bill, Utilities and choose option Umeme Touch Pay.
2. Enter Your Umeme billing account 9 digit numbers. Wait for short processing time and you will see a flash message with your name, account number and your current total unpaid bill.

3. Select OK and choose option Pay now, enter the amount of money you want to pay and click on OK which will show a flash message of the details you have entered so as to prove whether they are correct.
4. Upon verifying that they are correct, click on OK, enter your secret Mobile transaction PIN and Click on OK.

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5. Upon successful transaction, you will be notified with a message of how much you have paid in addition to the reference number to be used when tracking your payment status.

One thing you should note is that the different Mobile Cash transaction providers will charge an amount as transaction fees depending the amount of money one is paying for example a charge of Ush 400 for a transaction of Ushs 10.000. The balance on your bill bill will as well take some time like 24 hours before being updated on your phone menu.

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