How to Pay OTT Tax Uganda Airtel, MTN, Africell

You can instantly pay ott tax in Uganda on Airtel, MTN, and Africell networks by following the simple steps as per your network. Both Airtel, MTN, and Africell have codes that are used by subscribers to pay social media tax regardless of the duration one is paying for.

If you haven’t yet tried playing this new OTT Service Tax which was introduced recently by the Uganda government, then this post will be helpful to you as it shows you how to do it directly or indirectly.

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For those who have been asking the question of how to pay ott tax on airtel // MTN using airtime, also find the answer you have always wanted in this same guide. Paying OT tax means full access to your favorite social network sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and all others.

Well, if you are an Airtel subscriber, good news for you. Regardless of whether you have your line loaded with Airtel money or not, the fact is that you can still pay OTT social tax and continue enjoying depending on your service choice.

Subscribers who chose to pay rather than using VPN’s choose between daily which costs Ushs 200/=, weekly which goes for Ugx 1,400/= and or monthly which goes up to 6,000/=, etc This doesn’t change whether you are an Airtel, MTN or Africell subscriber.

Pay OTT using Airtel money

  • Dial *185# and OK.
  • Choose 2 for Airtime / Data bundles.
  • Choose 5 for “OTT service Tax”
  • Choose 1 for self or 2 for another user / number.
  • Choose between daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Enter your Mobile money PIN and off you are done.

You will receive a notification of the success of your transaction. You are now ready to enjoy Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and the Likes.

Pay OTT using MTN Mobile money

  • Dial *165# and OK.
  • Choose 2 for “Airtime & bundles”.
  • Choose 6 pay for “OTT tax”
  • Choose 1 for this number or 2 for another user / number.
  • Choose between daily, weekly or monthly, quarterly, yearly.
  • Enter your Mobile money PIN and off you are done.

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Pay OTT tax on Africell

  • Dial *133#
  • Input 6
  • Choose validity
  • Confirm OTT purchase

Also, you can pay “OTT” for the Africell line using MTN and Airtel mobile money services. And for those on other networks including Smile Telecom, UTL (Mango), etc, the good news is that you don’t have to go through the above hassles.

UPDATE: The OTT Tax was scrapped off and no longer applicable in Uganda

You will enjoy free world access without the need to pay or subscribe to “OTT tax”.

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