How To Perform A Motor Vehicle Ownership Details With URA – Cross Check Registration Information

Search details Cross checking a Motor Vehicle registration details is something mandatory if you really want to verify the validity of for example the ownership details, the number plates, the engine and chassis numbers and many others before you decide on what your next step should be.

This is very useful to those who may be interested in buying that motor vehicle, cycle or any other registered automotive just to validate and confirm that the details in the presented log book matches with those in the Uganda Revenue Authority Licensing database.

Performing such cross checking is the work of URA in Uganda, and one which can only be done upon request of the interested party – the one who wants to verify such vehicle registered details and only after fulfilling the necessary requirements as seen below.

Getting Started – Steps & Procedures Involved

In order to get started with the motor vehicle registration details and information search or cross checking, you should follow the below procedures and steps.

1. Begin by visiting the URA licensing office located in Nakawa Industrial Area.

2. Go to any teller (counter) number of your choice and request for a Vehicle Search and Certification assessment which goes for up to 60,000 Uganda shillings. Or, you can request for a simple search assuming you want to do it for which goes up to 20,000 Uganda Shillings.

3. Take the assessment to the chosen Bank for example Stanbic and make a payment. You should note that an addition of between 2,200 to 2,500 Uganda shillings will be added on top of the original assessment fees as bank charges.

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4. Return to the URA licensing section on Counter (Teller) number 3 (subject to change) and hand in the receipt and other motor vehicle particulars as may be requested.

5. You will be told when to get ready you certified details and that same day is when you will return.

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