How to Perform URA Motor Vehicle Re-registration

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URA latest car number plates in Uganda This is a complete step by step guide on how to perform a Motor vehicle and cycle Re-registration in Uganda through URA. If you were wondering how you could easily get rid of that old type number plate series including the UXX 000, 999UXX or even to move to a personalized one from the ordinary plates, this is the guide you might want to read.

Uganda Revenue Authority, the government agency responsible for handling all tax related issues including registration of motor vehicles, cycles, plants and etc have undergone a lot of changes which has been happening in series. Among the changes were the introduction of the new type of number plates, a move which saw the old style eg 999UDH, UZU999 and etc series replaced with UBE000A kind.

This not only meant stopping the manufacturing and issuing of those old plates but also called in for those individuals, companies, agencies and etc who owned vehicles with those old type plates to hand them back to URA in order to secure the new kind of number plates. This process is what was termed and known as the Re-registration process.

In order to perform a URA motor vehicle / cycle Re-registration in Uganda, certain procedures, terms and conditions must be followed just like it is when it comes to transition from the new to the old logbook, alteration to registered particulars and etc, all which are handled by the same agency.

Requirements for Vehicle Re-registration

  • Proof of Ownership (Must be the current owner)
  • Physical verification of the vehicle
  • Application form
  • Identification document
  • Motor Inspection report
  • Original vehicle registration Logbook
  • Old registration number plates
  • Transited to the new system (requires TIN)

Step by step procedures to perform a URA Vehicle Re-registration

  1. Begin by obtaining a Tin number if you have none. This will help you to perform a vehicle transfer (manual or auto) depending on the current state of your vehicle. This is mandatory since a re-registration will only kick-start from your TIN.
  2. Ensure that you are the current owner registered in the motor logbook, and it the same should reflect in your TIN
  3. To apply for re-registration, you should log into your TIN, hover on Motor Vehicle and select application.
  4. Select new form and select Re-registration as purpose. Fill in all other details until bank payment registration.
  5. Print out all the forms including the acknowledgement and the application form.
  6. Visit URA Nakawa licensing section with your vehicle and perform an Inspection.

You will be issued with the copy of the inspection report and the vehicle will be parked until a new number is issued. You will have to surrender the old number plates together with the filled and signed form with attachment of all the above. You also pay all the requires fees as indicated.

Within a few days like two or three, you will get a notification of your application status and you will be required to pay for the new number plates. After, URA will release your vehicle and the entire process will be completed.

Key info to note

Before you apply, make sure that you vehicle is in good running condition which will match the new number series issued. It is important for you to first undertake all necessary repairs so that the state will convince the inspecting officer and the approving officer to issue you will new latest registration plates in Uganda. In case you are stuck, call me for a quick help on 0752009001.

How to Perform URA Motor Vehicle Re-registration

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