How to Perform URA Online TIN Registration

Search for TIN Number URA Wondering how to go about this? Let me show you in this guide how to perform an Online TIN registration directly from the Uganda revenue authority portal. Whether you want to register an individual or non individual Tax identification number, this tutorial will surely help you learn the step by step procedures on how to do it yourself. I have personally tried this and it worked perfectly.

With a TIN being mandatory in Uganda for tax-payers including those transferring vehicles or motorcycles, filing tax returns, applying for tax exemptions and etc, it is very obvious that knowing how to perform an online tin registration procedure will surely help you out during that time when you will need to get your own individual or even a for a company or even help a friend in need.

I have heard many “claim” how they have been asked to pay money in order to be helped processing TIN’s. I am sure that if you already knew the procedure, you would have saved the money you spent. But don;t worry, if you are reading this, I will teach you how you can register and apply for a tax identification number through URA and instantly.

Requirements for URA TIN application

You will be required to have the following at least at hand with you; a  computer and working internet connection, phone number, active email address, 2 different copies of ID’s eg National ID, Passport, Driving Permit etc, proof of work e.g business registration certificate or employment appointment letter, MS office package installed on your computer with Excel and a printer attached to your computer.

Procedures for Online tin registration

  • Visit Uganda revenue authority web portal at, scroll down and click on Download Online Forms
  • Under Forms & Templates for E-Registration, click and download DT-1001 or DT-1002 depending on who wants it and save file on your computer.
  • Open the downloaded file and Enable Macros on Excel depending on your MS office version and fill in the entire form.
  • Click on Validate to see if no errors and then click on Generate upload file and save it on your desktop.
  • Visit URA web portal, Click on eServices, and then on Individual registration.
  • From the drop down, select New form and wait for page to load. Then fill in your names, select saved file, enter text, check box to agree to terms and click Upload.
  • The portal will verify all info and errors and will prompt you to click Submit.
  • You will be redirected to the page with your submitted forms you can print them.

You can submit the printed forms to any nearest URA branch office together will all attachments including your ID, application forms, proof of work eg business registration certificate and any other for approval and TIN issuing at a free cost.


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