How to Play Lucky 3 Kisoboka On Airtel Or MTN

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by KWS Adams
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While watching Bukedde TV, I was very amazed to see Lucky 3 kisoboka winners being annouced. In fact, this touched me to the extent that I had to play on my MTN and Airtel lines in order to increase my chances of winning. If you are wondering whether you too can play this kind of “bet” game to win up to 35 million within 10 minutes, read on.

Lucky 3 game which is currently ongoing 2020 is very similar to the renowned Supa 3 game.  This game allows both MTN and Airtel subscribers to place their “bet” by way of choosing 3 numbers of ones choice, which are matched with the winning numbers at that time. For example, texting 112 will give you both the ticket and winning number. If the numbers match what you sent, you are a winner.

Players have a chance to win up to 35 million Uganda shillings in every 10 minutes and 24 hours a day. They can also place stakes between Ugx 1,000 – 50,000 directly from MTN or Airtel SIM card there by increasing their chances of having their stakes multiplied by up to multiply their stake by 250x.

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How to play lucky 3 kisoboka

Option 1: On your phone

  • Open message app on your phone.
  • Input your 3 lucky numbers of choice eg 112.
  • Input 6000 as the number you are sending to.
  • Press send.

Once you are done with the above USSD code, an SMS containing your ticket and winning numbers will be sent to you. In case they match, you are a winner. Winning enters you into the draw to win up to 35 millions.

Option 2: On website

  • Visit
  • Type in your phone number.
  • Chose your “lucky 3” winning numbers.
  • Enter your “stake”.
  • Click “play now”.

Done! You are onto the list of from where the one lucky winner will walk away with up to 35 million shillings in the draw which is held at 9:30 pm every Satarday on Bukedde and Urban TV.

How to Play Lucky 3 Kisoboka On Airtel Or MTN

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