How To Prepare & Easily Pass Your CDL Quiz

Also known as a CDL Test, Exam, Assessment, Check, Trial, Scan and many others, a  Commercial Driver’s License is needed in order to operate a big rig. Obtaining this license requires applicants to pass a general knowledge exam in addition to other written tests for certain endorsements before being road tested. Often, this test is a source for anxiety for prospective truckers, so hopefully this guide will assist in relieving some of that anxiety!

What Does the Test Entail?

The general knowledge test consists of 50 questions that are based on a number of different aspects covered in the CDL-Booklet. Individuals must get 40 out of 50 questions correct to obtain a passing score. This exam covers sections one through three of the Commercial Driver’s License guide.

There can be additional tests needed, depending on the type of license one is seeking. Once such exam for a Class A Commercial Driver’s License involves combination vehicles. This test covers Section 6 of the CDL-Guide, and an applicant must get 16 out of 20 questions correct in order to pass.

Those who wish to drive vehicles with air brakes on them will also need to demonstrate their proficiency by taking a written exam. The text consists of 25 questions, and individuals must answer at least 20 of them correctly in order to pass.

Special Tests

A special test is also needed in order to haul double or triple trailers. A Double and Triples test consists of 20 questions that are taken from Section 7 of the CDL-Instructions. Test takers must correctly answer 16 out of those 20 questions to become qualified.

Drivers of tank vehicles also need a special endorsement. The test covering tank vehicles is derived of 20 questions, and operators must answer 16 of them correctly to pass. Information on this test is garnered from Section 8 of the CDL Hanbookl.

A hazardous materials endorsement will allow drivers to transport hazardous cargo and waste. The transportation of hazardous materials is covered in Section 7 of the CDL manuals. The corresponding test contains 30 questions, and 24 must be answered correctly in order to be successful.

Those who plan on transporting passengers, to include bus drivers, must obtain a “P” endorsement on their Commercial Driver’s License To do this, candidates must correctly answer 16 out of 20 questions that are based upon Section 4 of the C.D.L manual.

Endorsements for tank vehicles and hazardous materials can be given without the need for a skills road test. These endorsements cannot be given prior to an individual obtaining the appropriate CDL license. A one-hour time limit is given for the general knowledge test, and no more than 40 minutes is allowed for each endorsement test.

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What Happens If You Fail?

Those who fail the test initially will have to wait 72 hours before being retested. People who fail the test more than 6 times within a 12-month timeframe will have to wait until at least 12 months have elapsed since their first failed test. Therefore, it is important for people to study ahead of time to ensure they pass on the first attempt.

A road skills test can be taken by anyone who has held a C.D.L learner’s permit for 30 days or longer. They must then bring the appropriate vehicle to a test site along with a licensed C.D.L driver who is 21 years old or over. After successful completion of both written and driving tests, individuals can then be awarded a CDL license and be on their way to exciting new career opportunities. Attending  trucking driving schools will assist prospective drivers in passing their Commercial Driver’s License Test and embarking on an exciting career as a truck driver.

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