How To Prevent WP Specific Plugin Auto Update Checking

By default, all WordPress plugins are set to automatically check for their new updates and create a notification the user to see its availability and possibly take action for either to go on and update any specific plugin and or to leave it depending on any reason one may be having. And as we know it well that not all plugins including their updates are supported by either the WordPress core version one may currently be using and or the theme which is used on the site and any other reason one may have, many WP website and blog owners find themselves wanting to prevent, stop and or disable their site plugins from checking newly released updates in order to be safe basing on what one wants.

After writing and publishing one of my previous articles which was all about What You Should Know Before Auto/Manual Updating WordPress Plugins, many readers sent me emails on how they could be able to completely disable their single and specific plugins from update checks since that would help them be safe when it comes to accidentally updating their favorite plugins and which sometimes is known to have some side effects for example when a plugin new update version crushes the site or makes it to malfunction in one way or the other and that is why in this post, I decided to post the procedure of how you can go on with regard to making such preventions.

However, you should note that it is recommended that you keep your WordPress core and all of your site plugins update since its seen as a security measure which is known to help when it comes to hacking, an act which is available more than you may think on the internet for example, one of my sites attracts over 1000 attempted logins everyday by hackers. And even though you manage to stop your plugins from checking updates and or updating them, you need to keep track of your plugin new features as they are released so as to be in position of switching if there is any need.

Steps You Need To Follow To Stop/Disable/Prevent WP Auto Plugin Update Checks

1. You need to get started by logging into your WordPress site and navigating to plugins.

2. Now locate the plugin you wish to stop from update checks and click on Edit.

3. Now copy the plugin php name for example  wp-social-share/wp-social-share.php and save it somewhere on a notepad.

4. Now click on Appearance  and scroll to Editor on your current theme.

5. Click on theme functions or functions.php and and add this code below.

add_filter( ‘site_transient_update_plugins’, ‘stop_plugin_update’ );

function stop_plugin_update( $value ) {
unset( $value->response[‘wp-social-share/wp-social-share.php‘] );
return $value;

You will need to replace the plugin php name (bolded above) with the name of the plugin you saved in 3 above.

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6. Click on update file to save your settings.

Your selected plugin will automatically stop from checking updates not until your remove the code in the functions.php file of your theme.

PS: The one last important thing you should note is to first ensure that you have backed up your functions.php file before you attempt to edit it to be on a secure side. And in case you use FTP clients, just on to your site using FTP, navigate to themes, select your current theme, click on edit/view on your functions.php file, edit it, click file and save in order to re-upload it back.

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